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Third Blade tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Anime action is always a crowd-pleaser, and games in this style are only gaining popularity in the Android Market. Third Blade is a monster-slaying game with plenty of action, rising quickly in rank. Overseas inspiration also comes to the US with an English version of Pocket League Story, while some familiar brand names, including the NFL and Space Invaders, are celebrated with a couple of new game launches.

Third Blade (Free)

As the title suggests, you have three types of blades with which to hack away at enemy monsters. The dual wield, one-handed blade and two-handed sword offer variety in this Anime-style action game. Each weapon has its own set of skills and combos to master, adding to your game’s objectives. You’ll certainly need to learn all the skills you can in order to beat this game. Luckily there’s a training room, and a couple other game modes to keep things fresh and engaging.

Pocket League Story ($5.17)

This international league is headed on quite an adventure, as Japan-based Kairosoft launches an English version of the popular Pocket League Story game on the Android Market. This management simulation game takes you through the business of running a soccer team, from player selection to stadium construction, merchandise to actual games. As this is a business, you’ll have to make the right decisions to grow your fan base along with your team. Only the savvy will survive!

NFL Rivals ($2.99)

Just in time for the NFL season kickoff, NaturalMotionGames released NFL Rivals in the Android Market. Based on the 2011 season, this game lets you pick your team, run plays and improve your global ranking. There’s a Gameday feature that lets you play your virtual team alongside real NFL games, even though the players won’t always match up. There’s also a new feature called NFL Points, which pits you against other players, not just other virtual teams. Do read these charts -- you’ll need to run the best plays to earn points -- and you even get bonus points for stylized touchdowns. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene ($7.73)

A new spin on the original Space Invaders game, Infinity Gene is always evolving. As you progress through the game, it changes, with move levels, systems and features to unlock. There’s still plenty of spacecraft to shoot, but the game’s complexity makes advancing that much more challenging with its ongoing evolution. There’s new configurations, space environments and crafts to shoot, all dependant on how you build your game’s evolution tree.

Pixel Rain (Free)

A physics game, Pixel Rain takes you into a hybrid world of technology with the goal of protecting your treasure from the deadly pixels falling from the sky. It takes a bit of patience and skill to leverage basic physics to protect your treasure, but beyond just protecting it from deadly pixels, you must also drop it into the right area of the screen. It’s a dually challenging game with several objectives for each level.

Rugby Kicks (Free)

If it’s rugby you like and not the NFL, this game is for you. Take your team to legendary status, building skills to become an elite rugby player. As you build your skill sets, you can create your signature moves and really rev up the audience. Your character can be customized as well, all the way down to his socks. This sports game is in 3D, so it really makes you a part of the action. With OpenFeint integration, it’s also easy to share your scores and achievements with the global gaming network.

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