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Annoy your co-workers with Office Jerk for Android

by Ian Black

This app shows the dark side of the fling-and-throw-game genre made popular by Angry Birds. In Office Jerk, you flick and toss common office objects at a nerdy office worker who sits in front of you.

It’s mildly amusing, but there’s something unpleasant about the whole experience that might relate to the most primitive aspects of human nature. At least the app creators know their audience — the app is billed as “The biggest time toilet of 2011.”

The office environment is interestingly rendered. The perspective is from your POV as if you're looking across your own desk at a khaki-wearing, taped-glasses, smart aleck. He chides you by giggling or taunts you with schoolyard gestures. And, that’s when you start tossing stuff.

You have a bookcase full of objects in your arsenal — a pencil, cupcake, stapler, pie, chalkboard eraser, paper and a few other things. The game entices you to upgrade to the paid version by withholding some of better weapons like eggs and a stick of dynamite.

When you throw objects, the colleague reacts with grunts for direct hits and sniggles when you miss. The fun comes from the unexpected results: you can blue screen his PC by hitting it, knock over the desk photo of the man and his cat, or smash his pencil holder, and he can occasionally throw things back at you. The best weapon in the free version is the joke-a-day-style pad on your desk that actually works as the game’s scoreboard. Flinging it can smash the nerd’s PC screen or even the window in the office door past his desk.

You get more points for direct hits and the most points for hitting him when he has turned about to face you. Your score is reset to zero each time you miss.

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