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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 8: Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Evernote update, Bubble Pop Infinite

by Ian Black

Life Coach Ian here with a new reading tip. If you’re the typical nerdy Android phone user, you’ll enjoy the new genre busting sci-fi novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Why do I mention this book in Freshies? Because today’s fresh game Space Invaders Infinity Gene embodies the strange retro-future described in the novel.

So you won’t forget this advice, jot it down using the fresh Evernote update, then get popping with Bubble Pop Infinite.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene ($7.76)

Back to the future, baby! This iOS hit has finally arrived on Android. It costs a wallet-busting (almost) eight bucks, but many who played it on the iPhone would say it’s worth the extra dough.

It starts with the classic Space Invaders game direct from the 1980s but evolves as you play into a futuristic high-intensity shooter where anything can happen. Check the video embedded in the app’s page for look at the killer graphics and gameplay, then “build your own evolutionary tree.”

Evernote update (Free)

Did you get the memo? Evernote won’t rest until it dominates the market of note-taking services.

This update delivers a page full of new features. You’ll find a full integration with Evernote’s recent acquisition Skitch, so that you can launch a blank Skitch screen inside Evernote and save it to the service. A new slideshow mode lets you swipe between images, an enhanced search feature lets you look for notes stored on your device without requiring a connection to the web, and much more.

Bubble Pop Infinite (Free)

The Android Market offers a bathtub full of bubble-popping apps, but this one aims to blow them all away.

The goal remains the same – clear the board of bubbles by popping strategic ones and trigger a chain reaction. This version delivers special power bubbles that cause dramatic results when popped. For example, the bomb bursts all adjacent bubbles in every direction, while the stone bursts all bubbles it touches as it shoots skyward when popped.

Save your game midway through for picking up where you left off later, and tease your friends over OpenFeint.

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