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Catch the Coins is an average addition to the physics game genre

by Irfan Choudhury

Physics games can be exhilarating. Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Apparatus are among the best games that are available on the Android platform, and Catch the Coins is a new addition to this list, but lacks the quality of these three.

As its name implies, you have to collect gold coins as an Irish leprechaun called Colin. To collect more coins and to accomplish this task, you have to draw lines on the screen. However, the lines react to gravity to make things difficult. You have to connect the lines to create structures in order to build efficient ways for the gold coins to drop onto the leprechaun.

Let’s talk about the good things. The animation and art design of the game are good, but could have been better. I think the designer used Flash to create the animations. The music in the game is better than the artwork; it seems the developers have given plenty of importance to the music and sound. The gameplay, however, is rather difficult. An expert gamer will definitely take up the challenge, but I don’t think kids will find it easy to finish all the levels.

Here is what I did not like about the app: there is very little in the way of innovation. The game is based on an old idea and I felt like I’d played similar games years back on my PC when Flash games were the only form of entertainment. There is nothing bad about working with old ideas, but something has to be innovative and new to make the game interesting. Unfortunately, Catch the Coins failed somewhat in this aspect.

Overall, Catch the Coins offers a good way to pass the time, but there’s nothing new to it.

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