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Madden NFL 12 tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

The summer heat may be fading, but the NFL season is getting hot. Madden NFL 12 hit the Android Market just in time, bringing an entire new lineup of players for the season. And plenty of other games seem to be celebrating the onset of autumn. Beershooter arrives just in time for Oktoberfest, while Full Moon Vampire drums up spooky tales of harvest time.

Madden NFL 12 ($6.99)

You’ve been waiting for weeks for this game to arrive, and EA’s annual Madden NFL game has finally hit the Android Market. Staying true to the NFL season, Madden 12 mimics real teams and players. Known for great graphics, Madden 12 takes your team through an entire season, battling for the championship in real stadiums across the country. With trades, stats and playbooks, you really do run your team as any coach would. Draw up Hot Routes to run plays, and save your best as audibles. There’s a couple different modes for game play, including Exhibition Mode and Season Mode.

Virtual City (Free)

“God” games and time management themes are growing in popularity and G5 Entertainment has been at the center of this trend. Its latest release is Virtual City, where you build your dream metropolis according to your own hopes and desires. Make it a residential area, or a bustling urban setting. Fill it with parks and stadiums or produce goods to be delivered to nearby shopping centers. You can also set up various ways for your city to interact, with transit systems, recycling, greenery and public events. Set up trade with other cities and construct landmarks. Your city will have to survive economic downturns, natural disasters and other sorrows in this digitized game of cause and effect.

Tiny Robots (Free)

Protect Earth’s seed of life against alien attack in this new arcade game. The premise is simple: shoot the aliens down. The catch? You’ll have to customize your weapons accordingly. With several different types of aliens, there’s a small bit of strategy in playing this game. Each weapon customization gives you new capabilities, with different firing capacities and bullets that come streaming out of your tank. Move your tank with tilt control, and tap to shoot. High scores win, and survival is key. How long can you stand against the tiny robot aliens?

Muffin Knight ($2.99)

From the makers of Guerrilla Bob comes a new game called Muffin Knight. It’s a story of a boy returning magical muffins to the old fairy, in hopes she can cure him. Every muffin he touches turns him into a different creature, but this comes in handy as he battles his way through the forest to reach the old fairy. There’s over a dozen different characters to turn into, each with its own set of skills and powers. This creative platformer is optimized for Tegra 2 devices, and features cross-platform multiplayer capabilities.

Beershooter (Free)

If Arnold Schwarzenegger were an Oktoberfest regular, it would probably look something like this. Equipped with a high-pressure beer gun, this game has you fill your weapon tanks with hops and serve the guests of your beer garden with vigor. Skip the steins and go straight for the mouths, earning points for good aim. You’ll lose points for squirting people that aren’t ready for a refill, so take care with your precious beer gun.

Full Moon Vampire (Free)

You get to battle other vampires in this themed RPG, as you travel through the ages building up your team of immortals. Visit towns to find fresh blood, growing in power all the while. There’s 15 eras to conquer in Full Moon Vampire, with hundreds of items to collect. Head out on missions, battle other vampire broods and compete in weekly tournaments to demonstrate your powers of leadership. There’s plenty of trade going on in this multiplayer game, including buyable assets like graveyards and castles. Currently in beta, Full Moon Vampire is another spin on social gaming, and ripe for Taylor Lautner fans.

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