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Android App Video Review: CJ: Strike Back

by Andrew Koziara

City Jump: Strike Back is a new endless running game from Droidhen, and is a sequel to the original City Jump. The game sports a great visual style, soundtrack and fun endless gameplay.

It’s very similar to the game NinJump by Backflip Studios, to say the very least. The original City Jump was much more of a clone of NinJump, keeping many of the same design choices and art style. This sequel tries to differentiate itself by creating a unique visual style and atmosphere all its own, and actually expands on the game play of NinJump rather than simply copying it with different looking enemies that behave the same way. I can get behind that.

The game simply consists of running up two buildings, jumping between each to avoid danger and destroy enemies. Destroying three enemies of the same kind in a row will grant you a power up, transforming you into Iron Man and Silver Surfer knock-offs as you become invulnerable and speed up a bit. The one-hit protective shields make a return as well. New to this version of the game are big boss enemies which you constantly fight, whether it’s their giant arms or their actual bodies. Immediately after killing one boss, you move on to another. I really like this new feature, but it’s a shame that most bosses likely won’t be seen due to the endless game play, which puts you back at the beginning every time you die. This game could have done with an endless mode that is separate from some kind of story mode, where each boss could constitute the end of one level.

I love the new art and visual style of this game. Combined with the music, it sets a very different tone from the original. I actually feel like some kind of superhero faced with a daunting task to save the world from some kind of oppression. Everything is improved upon from the original, and it feels much more like its own game. If you like this kind of endless gameplay, you might as well check it out since it’s completely free.

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