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Android App Video Review: Eternity Warriors

by Andrew Koziara

Eternity Warriors is another dual stick Gun Bros. re-skin from Glu Games. Though, this game actually mixes things up for once by removing guns and making it about melee combat in a fantasy setting with zombies, trolls, and various other mythical creatures.

Aside from the melee combat, this is still the exact same game as Gun Bros. but with a different paint job. You and your AI partner face down wave after wave of enemies, building up experience and money to improve your weapons and buy new gear. Then you go back into the fray and do it all over again, progressing further and further. You'll receive lots of soul remnants in each outing, which can be refined into gold. You have the option of delaying the refinement process to yield a higher return rate, from ten minutes up to 48 hours. Taking no damage during a wave results in even more soul remnants. This game actually changes up the menus a little bit by adding an extra step of an over world map, which was unnecessary considering how slow the menu navigation is.

The gameplay is of the "run around and mash the button until everything is dead" variety. You have light and heavy attacks at your disposal, as well as a kind of rage mode that you can unleash after building up the meter. As you've probably noticed, the screen just sputters and lags all over the place whenever there are enemies on the screen. I don't know if this is because of my Nexus One or if it's just an awful game, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. This game would be great fun if not for the lag issues.

The graphics and sound are pretty good, as usual with these re-skins. You have OpenFeint leaderboard and achievement support, as well as Facebook connectivity. In fact, the game insists you sign in with your account. You can skip this, but you will miss out on several "on-line only" features, like the different refinement options. This game is freemium just like the rest, with plenty of in-app purchases to peruse.  So yeah, hurray for Glu Games, I suppose.

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