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Life is Crime tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Taking on Android prior to an iOS release, Red Robot Labs’ Life is Crime is a new MMORPG that puts a new spin on social gaming. With an emphasis on location gaming, Life is Crime puts a layer on top of your map to incorporate real landmarks into gameplay. A new time management game also emerged this week with the release with Supermarket Mania 2, an eager sequel from G5 Entertainment. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Life is Crime (Free)

Combining real-life landmarks and social gaming in an MMORPG, Life of Crime is an ambitious game. Through a series of fights and back door business deals, you work your way up the regional leaderboard and build your reputation. You’ll come across plenty of missions to accomplish in various, superimposed GPS locations, ranging from local venues to airports. This makes the game an ongoing one where every location offers a new opportunity to work a deal. Stay updated with a localized GameFeed to see gamers’ activity around you. Here you can also share achievements and goals, discovering new places and competitors along the way.

Supermarket Mania 2 (Free)

Nikki’s back in a new store, heading west to Hollywood. Rescue Uncle Ross’ grocery store as a competitor plots revenge, with six new locations and 80 new levels, realizing Nikki’s dreams in this sequel story. New game mechanics are added in Supermarket Mania 2, with new store stations and more jobs for assistants. There’s also more personalization options for you to upgrade stores, delivering groceries to neighborhood residents and serving uppity celebrities. Bonuses will help you achieve “master” status that much faster, expediting your store upgrades as you climb the ranks.

Shoot The Birds ($1.13)

It’s not Angry Birds, but it’s certainly a way to take out some anger on the aviary creatures of the sky. It’s hunting season in Shoot The Birds, and you can bring down all those evil birds that have been terrorizing you the rest of the year. Reminiscent of Duck Hunt, you’re armed with a cross bow, defending your farm from flying birds. Shoot them down as quick as you can, earning points all the while. There’s multiple birds for you to shoot out the sky, from day into night, limiting your visibility. For each level you have to shoot down a certain number of birds in the given time, with extra points for reaching "Fury Mode" several times throughout the level. The appeal here is high scores, which can be shared through OpenFeint.

Dragon Hunter II (Free)

The Dragon Hunter is back, with more powerful magic to destroy the flying enemies and defending your castle. As dragons swoop in on your kingdom, shoot them down by aiming and firing using touchscreen capabilities. You’ll earn more points the more dragons you bring down, which you can redeem for upgraded weapons, magical powers and property. You can even have your castle repaired, helping to protect you from future attacks. There’s all sorts of tricks you can pull with specialized arrows, helping you in different situations and different dragons as you advance in the game.

Sprinkle ($2.00)

Fight off fires in this cute video game, using a giant water hose to tackle obstacles of epic proportion. Each level brings a new challenge, where you must move giant blocks, spin wheels and manage other maneuvers in order to put out various fires. It’s a tricky game once you get into it, but Sprinkle is done in such a fun theme, that it gets quite addictive. Work your way through each level using a bit of skill and patience, shifting your fire hose in different positions to manipulate the environment.

Dragon, Fly! (Free)

In another dragon-themed game, you are the flying beast, flapping over hills in your first adventure as a baby dragon. It’s difficult for a newly-hatched dragon to fly, so you’ll have to leverage gravity and positioning to get you from one hill to another. Collect points as you slide down hills, building the momentum you need to get over the next. This is a game for all ages, with basic maneuvers that are easy to learn and play.

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