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Bring the fight to your phone with Eternity Warriors Android game

by Ian Black

There is no era like the Middle Ages for bloodthirsty battles. Eternity Warriors uses that timeframe for the setting of this all-out brawl with swords. It’s fun, but we’ve seen this game before — quite literally — with a different skin. It was called Gun Bros, and it spawned from the same gamemaker as this one, Glu Games Inc.

Here, you and your sword-and-sandal bro fight wave after wave of enemies in different rustic landscapes. Instead of guns, your weapons are various swords and axes, and they are something to behold, beautifully and menacingly rendered in cool graphics. The weapons are also comically oversized, sometimes as tall and wide as the warriors, meaning that if all this were real, the brawlers wouldn’t be able to lift them.

The game plays a lot like the classic buddy action films of the last century. Your AI buddy warrior complements your movements and combo attacks. Together, you have a reasonable chance of slaying the relentless onslaught of bandits, bosses and bugs — which seem to have dropped in, unexplained, from a sci-fi game.

You’ll want to take your warriors shopping, like it seems all deadly fighters want to do these days, to purchase more gigantic blades and perhaps some additional leather and metal armor. Then, it’s back to the grind of grinding your enemies into mush.

The game tries brazenly to log you into Facebook to intimidate your friends into playing, as well. There is nothing to do in the game’s tavern, but “get connected,” and you’ll have to bull your way past a log-in screen at the beginning if your don’t want to share your gaming habits with the world.

Overall, if you like this kind of game, you’ll like this one. If you don’t, you won’t.

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