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Dark side of Android game Greedy Spiders will entangle you

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Greedy Spiders is a lot like popular Cut The Rope — only with more suspense!

In this game, it's your job to free the terrified little flies from a hungry spider's web. You can cut individual strands of the web, but each time you do, the spider moves closer. The challenge is that you'll need to cut as few strands as possible, and do so in such a way that it keeps the spider from reaching the fly.

As you might expect, the further you progress through the game, things will become more complex. Not only will the webs become more difficult, but new actions, new spiders and even new power-ups will become available. For instance, you might come upon a way to burn down the spider web or even trick the spider.

While it shares similar gameplay mechanics, Greedy Spiders is a bit darker than Cut The Rope. The little bugs will squirm and scream to get away, which brings a new element of urgency to the game. The fact that you have to save these clearly distressed little bugs, rather than feed an already fat little monster, makes the game slightly more engaging.

From a technical standpoint, things in Greedy Spiders look great and work great. I didn't come upon any noticeable issues during my time with the game. It's definitely worth the $0.99 price tag, or you can check out the free version first if you're not convinced.

If you're a big fan of Cut The Rope, but you'd like to change things up, downloading Greedy Spiders is a smart solution.

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