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My Country rules Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Games are all about claiming land and defending territories in this week’s top apps, with a new Sim City-style builder called My Country shooting to the top. Glu Mobile’s also got a new release on this week’s list called Eternity Warriors, a 3D slasher that takes advantage of Android devices’ increasing quality.

My Country (Free)

If you like Sim City then you’ll enjoy My Country, from the makers of the popular Paradise Island. Create your own metropolis complete with transit, industry and residential outlets. The better your city operates as a system, the more prosperous you’ll become. Spur the economy with office buildings, and upgrade them to attract more workers. Develop neighborhoods for workers to live in, and change the landscape to make it even more appealing, with lakes, trees and canals. The more efficient you are as an urban developer, the happier your city will be.

Eternity Warriors (Free)

Eternity Warriors is a 3D action game with plenty of hacking and slashing to boot. It’s a top-down game, similar to many RPGs, where your weapon-wielding character can run special attacks. Destroy the demons that have disrupted peace in your land, arming yourself with magical swords, axes and armor. Gain power-ups, build your weapon repository and learn the special moves necessary to take out the strongest of the demons. Fight alongside fellow clan members, which you’ll find through Facebook and OpenFeint integration, making this Android game a social one.

Supermarket Management (Free)

From G5 Entertainment comes another time management game, this one for running a grocery store. Already popular on iOS, Supermarket Management starts Kate with a small store she’s inherited. It’s your job to help her work her way to the top, keeping shoppers and employees happy. Keep shopping carts in line, shelves stocked and check-out lines short. You’ll even run the mini market within the store, including the bakery and deli mart. The more revenue you generate, the quicker you’ll be able to upgrade your store, hiring new assistants. You’ll need to purchase the full version in-app to enjoy all 49 levels across four different shops, ensuring that you’ll spend some serious time getting Kate all the way to the top of the grocers chain.

Bloo Kid (Free)

There’s nothing that says “video game” better than a retro platformer, and Bloo Kid delivers 60 levels of pixelated fun. In this game you must help Bloo to rescue his lady love from the hands of the evil wizard. Jump your way through five mystical worlds as you defeat enemies by bouncing on them, earning bonus points for flawless levels. Once you reach the end, grab the star at the for another special perk. The more stars you get, the more worlds you can unlock. Bloo Kid is a colorful game that will give you hours of fun, and is quite delightful to play.

Greedy Spiders ($0.99)

Spiders put a great deal of effort into their death trap webs, but you can foil their plans and free captured bugs before the spiders get around to eating them. Strategically unlink the silky threads of the spider webs to free trapped bugs, but avoid being eaten yourself. It’s a nail-biting puzzler that can get pretty hairy, especially once you get up to the higher levels. There’s different powers you can use to destroy spider webs, including a zapper that gets rid of several threads at once. Different insects have different characteristics too, and you’ll need to keep track of these as you outsmart these greedy spiders across 128 levels.

Supersonic (Free)

A different type of 3D game than Eternal Warriors, Supersonic is a neon racer that takes you on a tunneling ride. Using your accelerometer, you spin through the neon tunnel at lightning speed, collecting bonuses and sliding through slotted barriers all the while. It’s a dizzying game that requires high concentration and a knack for balanced accelerometer skills, but what really gets you going is the electronic soundtrack by Finnish artist Kitkaliitto. The levels were designed to flow with this music, and the result is an intense but fun game. Earn enough game credits and you can upgrade to the “Blitz” gaming mode.

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