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Racing Moto for Android finishes squarely in the middle of the pack

by Caitlin M. Foyt

In the city of Los Angeles, motorcyclists terrify other drivers by whipping through traffic. Without the risk of actual bodily injury, this is precisely what you're doing in the game of Racing Moto for Android.

The object of the game is to tilt your phone from side to side in order to dodge the other cars on the road. Your driver starts out at the speed limit, but — because your score is directly related to how fast you're going, — you're going to need to pick things up a bit. To do that, tap your screen.

Obviously, the faster you go, the more difficult it is to swerve safely and you're more likely to get into an accident.

Racing Moto is a free game, but it's pretty high quality considering. The tilt controls are quite accurate, so your cyclist responds in a timely manner when you need him to quickly veer left or right. Despite how fast you're going, the game appears to scroll at a reasonable pace, so you have time to react to what's ahead. The game's graphics aren't high-def, but they are quite decent.

The game isn't especially dynamic, and because it quickly becomes repetitive, it will only hold your attention for a short time.

There are a lot of racing games in the Android marketplace that compare to Racing Moto. It's safe to say this one ranks somewhere in the middle.

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