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Star Legends tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

From sci-fi to pop culture, Android games are influenced by many things in our lives. It’s this diversity that draws us to Android games, appealing to our varied interests. Star Legends is a newly launched MMORPG, with a deeply involved, impactful story that has been years in the making. LEGO also released a constructive Android game this week, while Handygames unveiled another time-management “tycoon” game for tattoo lovers.

Star Legends Beta (Free)

The highly anticipated Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles has been released on the Android Market in beta, open to the public. It’s a sci-fi MMO from Spacetime Studios, where you’ll rack-up guns and armor to battle any obstacles that come your way. Choose a role, as a commander or an engineer, among others, and build up your reputation and armory. Supporting Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and Edge, with an Xperia Play version out as well, this MMORPG is highly accessible and easy to play. You can purchase in-game credits to boost your skill and collectibles.

LEGO Creationary (Free)

LEGO’s launched another Android Market title with a building game that starts with a handful of categorized LEGO bricks. A mix between Pictionary and 20 Questions, you roll the dice to see which category you’ll be guessing. You’ll see the object being built, as you guess which of the four possible answers is correct. The faster you guess, the more points you earn, and the longer you play, the more complex the structures. Guess wrong, and it’s game over. While LEGO has other Android apps, Creationary is its first interactive game.

Tattoo Tycoon (Free)

From Handygames comes another tycoon game, this one for tattoo parlors. Maybe they’ve taken a cue from TLC’s LA Ink and NY Ink., or the celebrity headlines as Kat Von D’s romance with Jessie James comes under fire. Tattoo Tycoon delivers six scenarios for furnishing, managing and growing your tattoo parlor into a profit-churning business. Develop new designs, buy better equipment with your earnings, and participate in minigames for bonus points. This game is optimized for Xperia Play, features HD graphics and lets you “express yourself” a bit more than some of the other tycoon games on the market.

Jimmy Pataya (Free)

Jimmy Pataya is a fearless extreme sports hero that loves heights. He’s just jumped out a plane that seems to circle miles above the earth’s atmosphere, and it’s up to you to keep him from crashing through the grinder blades as he falls from the sky. Tilt your phone in one direction or another to control Jimmy Pataya’s moves. Collect items along the way that help you on your fall, such as a helmet for crashing through blades, or a rocket booster that triples your speed. It’s the extras that boost your score, which is really the main goal here. Share top scores with friends and see who can survive the fall the longest.

Star Blitz (Free)

Another star-bursting space game launched this week is Glu Mobile’s Star Blitz, sending you on an intergalactic mission to help the universe’s coalition. This is a space fighter game that pits you against the evil Alien Xeno Cluster, which has set their eyes on Arelon Prime, home of the Coalition. Shoot down alien spacecrafts, blasting them with lasers and rockets as you avoid getting hit yourself. You can pull friends into your space fleet to fend off aliens with you, adding Facebook friends to help destroy the enemy. The more points you earn, the more you can upgrade your spacecraft, adding new weapons for stronger positioning as you level up.

Paranormal Agency (Free)

This fun little game is a mix between Clue and the Highlights hidden object series, where you must find all the hidden items in the room in order to deduce the right clues, which you’ll work through on a tiled board. As Detective Heather Mills, you have the ability to see what others can’t: ghosts and mysterious clues. Get to the bottom of spooky houses and poltergeist attacks in various scenes, hunting down the hidden objects across the city. This game relies on concentration and logic, with fun for most ages.

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