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Zombie Runaway for Android offers a new perspective on running games

by Caitlin M. Foyt

The movies give zombies a bad rap — they don't all want to eat your brains for breakfast. This new perspective on the undead is just one of the fun little twists you'll find in this Android game.

In Zombie Runaway, you're trying to save a single zombie from his untimely return to the grave. As you run through the cemetery, you have to dodge the tombstones and spiky barriers and pick up power-up coins. The longer you stay alive, and the more of these coins you collect, the higher your score. It might sound like your typical running game, but Zombie Runaway feels much more sophisticated than the dozens upon dozens of identical horizontal scrollers you can find in the Android marketplace.

For starters, in this game, you have a brand new perspective on your hero, as you are positioned behind him (instead of beside him). Additionally, because the game has some very clear 3D graphics, you can always see what's coming up in the distance (even if you don't yet have the skills to swerve to another side of the path). Also, the new Scooby-Doo cartoon style of art works perfectly here.

The developers did a fantastic job designing how the game looks, and they did just as thorough a job of programming. These controls are very precise, and when you run into something in this game, it's your own fault. The challenge of navigating your way around those grave stones might be frustrating, but at least you don't have a shoddily-made game to blame.

Zombie Runaway is a difficult game to master, but it doesn't feel impossible to do well. Players have three different hearts, or three different blows that they can sustain before actually dying (you can earn more by collecting lots of coins). This way, you don't stay alive for 20 minutes only to lose everything to an off-beat monument stone.

It's the game's funky soundtrack that makes the whole experience cinematic and exciting. The music is upbeat, yet mysterious, and doesn't feel repetitive at all. The reactions from an imaginary off-screen audience are also very encouraging.

Zombie Runaway has some pretty heavy advertising, unfortunately, but it's the only negative I could come up with. Because it's free, though, Android gamers should check this one out.