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Android App Video Review: Slash

by Andrew Koziara

Slash is a new game from developer Zuro, and has nothing to do with the rock legend of the same name. The game offers solid, if unoriginal game play with simple and clean visuals, creating a decent mobile gaming experience.

The goal of each level is to slice the wooden boards containing the bouncing bubble scarab things, constantly confining them to a smaller and smaller space. Once the game is pleased with your performance, you move on to new levels with varying shapes and sizes. Basically, it’s a modern version of JezzBall. After each level, you are given a score based on how long it took you to complete a level, how many slices it took you, etcetera. I hate how random this can be though. The balls always bounce completely randomly, sometimes making it impossible to even make a cut, which can be infuriating.

As you play, more mechanics are added, such as metal edges that can’t be cut and various power ups. There are large slow moving bubble scarab things and their smaller counterparts that zip all over the place. Eventually, you’ll come across big scarabs that will explode into a handful of smaller scarabs, complicating things even more. Often times, after you make a large cut, you’ll get the chance to claim one of three power-ups. These will either slow down time, protect scarabs from your blade, meaning you can go slice crazy without fear of failing, or they’ll just do away with one of the scarabs entirely, eliminating them. All of these seek to make the game easier, but often it’s a matter of timing. The scarabs never seem to be where you need them to be.

If this is all sounding familiar, it should. This is the exact same game as one I reviewed a while back, known as Fireball. This app barely changes a thing. Sure, the music and visual theme are different, and some of the power ups are different, but on the whole, this is a carbon copy. Some of the levels even use the exact same shapes. I don’t enjoy the randomness of these games and I was already completely sick and tired of them after my Fireball review, making me hate this game. Still, this is at least a well-made and competent clone, and not to mention it’s completely free, also like Fireball. I don’t know why you would want two of the same mediocre game, but if you enjoy this kind of game a lot, go ahead and pick this one up.

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