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Android App Video Review: Herman the Hermit

by Andrew Koziara

Herman the Hermit is a kooky game brought to us by Visual Dreams, apparently in affiliation with Capcom Mobile. This does not seem like the kind of game that Capcom would put out, and I can't find this game anywhere on their website, but whatever. This is another older game that I never reviewed, so here we go again.

This is one of those endless games, testing how far you can go in each session, much like Doodle Jump. This one, however, takes place on a sides scrolling world with tons of floating platforms. Your goal, as Herman, is to jump from platform to platform, building up your streak counter and total distance until you run out of time. It's possible, and very easy, to replenish your time in this game. To do so, you simply have to jump past platforms, skipping them. They still get counted, and your time gets replenished, but you have to make sure you are actually above them, or they won't count. You can also replenish them by jump backwards rather than forwards, as long as you save yourself and continue on. The game tells you it controls by swiping, but that's a lie. You only have to tap in the direction you want to jump.

The levels are littered with random pickups. Some are power-ups that help you progress, some are trophies, and some are simple time extensions. The transportation power ups that help you progress are all pretty cool with great effects, especially the lighting and teleport ones. Though, some will continue adding to your streak counter, and others will just skip past all the platforms. If a power-up is sitting on a platform that you skip over, you'll still pick it up anyway.

This game is easy, and I mean really easy. You can fall as many times as you want as long as you don't run out of time, which is really hard to do. It takes a while to get used to the jumping arcs, but once you do, it's smooth sailing. Especially with all the power ups. The game just doesn't change up enough, and it get's repetitive and stale very quickly. Though, the base of the game is still really fun. The production quality is pretty high. The art and animations are great, and the game has a good sense of humor. Though, you'll immediately notice that the user interface and menus are extremely slow, with way too much animation in them. The game also throws in OpenFeint leader boards and achievements. Due to the easy nature of the game, many achievements require that you play marathon sessions, getting very far with a very high score, but it doesn't seem worth it. One of the achievements actually requires you to give the game a five star review. That seems a bit… unethical, to say the least. You can change your review immediately afterwards if you care for such things. The game is fun, but it feels very bare bones. It seems like a free version of a game with more too it, but this is a two dollar app. Check it out if it seems like your thing.

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