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Destroy Gunners SP tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

A string of new games hit the Android Market this week, playing up our love of diverse gameplay, puzzles, battles and social interaction. Destroy Gunners is a customizable robot game for mech fans, while The Marbians brings a new twist to brain-boggling puzzlers. Words With Friends, the popular Scrabble-like game, has been updated for Facebook integration, making it more social than ever.

Destroy Gunners SP ($10.29)

Giant robots and big guns. That’s what the new Android game Destroy Gunners has to offer, with 3D graphics. It’s a dark battle zone, with plenty of shooting, lots of weapons and a series of missions to play out. Each mission requires its own set of strategies and weapons, which you can customize for each battle. You’ll need the full version to experience all the missions and custom options, which certainly makes the game more interesting. As you work your way through the game, the missions get harder. Upgrade your robot to handle the oncoming challenges.

The Marbians (Free)

The Marbians are aliens that crash-landed in Roswell some 60-odd years ago, anxious to return to their UFOs. Rigged in their marble-encased space suits, you must help them find their way. This physics-based puzzler plops you in a series of challenging environments, rolling, flinging and flicking the Marbians through each maze. You’ll earn more points along the way by collecting various items, like moon rocks. Themed entirely around the space scare of the late 1940s, The Marbians is a fun little game where high scores rule.

Switch (Free)

A 3D racer, Switch is a new spin on a popular game format. Instead of tapping controls or even relying wholly on the accelerometer, you need only tap left and right to steer your racer, avoiding obstacles and switching between rails. It’s this switching that makes this game a little different from the rest, essentially hopping tracks as you speed through the course. It’s a colorful and addictive game, drawing you in with its simplicity. Beating your high scores becomes an obsession with games like Switch, so OpenFeint leaderboard integration is no surprise.

Words With Friends (Free)

Zynga’s take on Scrabble hasn’t been in the Android Market that long, but it’s gotten a major update, adding cross-platform play to connect your account with your Facebook profile. Seeing as Zynga rose in popularity on Facebook’s network, it seems Facebook integration would be a feature at launch. Nevertheless, this highly social word game now lets you challenge friends on Facebook, where you likely already have a few regular rivals. It’s a fine time for Words with Friends to push out an update, seeing as EA recently released the official Scrabble Android app not too long ago.

Colosseum ($0.99)

A new RPG, Colosseum is a combat-centric game with the level of blood thirst characteristic of the days of Sparta. Gamevil’s latest is an action-RPG, where you control your fighter through combat, earning virtual cash to be used on weapon and armor upgrades. Several battles do take place in the Colosseum, but there’s a few different scene changes to keep things fresh. Customize your weapons, each with their own perks, getting a new set to choose from with each upgrade. As an RPG, Colosseum is a bit more involved than your average action game, though it’s also more cartoonish in nature.

Roboto ($2.99)

Roboto is a 3D platformer that’s been unleashed onto the Android Market this week. It’s avalable for Xperia Play owners as well as high-end Android devices, making a certain appeal to mobile gamers. There’s some physics-based challenges mixed in here as well, such as gravity reversal that sends you running upside down every time you pass a blue section. As with most platformers, there’s a girl waiting at the end of this game. Find your robo love after 30 levels, sprinkled with puzzle challenges and unlockable “minigames” to keep your interest.

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