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Captain America tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Marvel Comics is releasing its first Android game with the launch of Captain America, a game that pulls in a lot of the original comic series’ art and storyline. EA and Gameloft both have major releases topping the list this week, bringing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Green Farm to the Android Market. From movies to agriculture, Android games are as fun as they are diversified. Here are this week’s top games.

Captain America ($0.99)

Captain America was released in theaters this week, and Marvel launched an Android game along with the movie. Marvel’s first Android title, Captain America the game, pits your patriotic protagonist against the Red Skull. Using an array of weapons, Captain America follows the original storyline set during WWII, and incorporates the feel of the comic book into the game. Marvel’s appealing to the true gamer crowd with an Xperia Play version, along with support for a string of other Android 2.2 devices.

Green Farm (Free)

It seems we gamers love to farm, and Gameloft offers a FarmVille alternative on Android. The idea is to foster the best crops you can, growing trees, lines of vegetables and caring for your livestock. This is very much a virtual goods game, where points are redeemed for more tools and products, paying up your digital market can expedite your cash crops. Your farmers are customizable too, and have tractors and robots to help them with the farm work. Unfortunately, you can’t link this game to Gameloft’s web version, but sometimes starting fresh can be fun too.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (about $8)

EA’s appealing to Xperia Play gamers as well, launching an exclusive title with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Based on the hit console and PC game, this first-person shooter is geared for high-end devices and features 3-D graphics. The launch comes shortly after EA launched D.A.R.K., another title for the Xperia Play. The attention to graphics in this game makes Battlefield one of the first with such solid visuals. Battle across five different zones, choose from a range of weapons and vehicles, and take down as many enemies as possible in each level.

Bug Village (Free)

In this miniature world, you have a busy colony of ants and bees to maintain. Build up your villages with homes for your bugs, and nurture their gardens, where they’ll gather up the resources needed to grow your village. Bug Village is a cutesey game with incentivized game play that centers around village customization. Decorate your bugs’ homes, discover new plants and feed your insects with cookies and cupcakes. The more you build, the more you earn, making this a game of virtual economy rather than defending your land.

Psychoban (Free)

This sokoban puzzler will drive you as insane as your main character, as he moves boxes to clear paths in his attempt to escape the mental hospital. Psychoban is a well done brain teaser that provides level after level of challenging situations. What adds interest to this game is its character and settings, adding up to sixty levels of fun. Different boxes have different functions, some of which can destroy others, incorporating some new puzzle tactics to sokoban games. While the game is free to download, you’ll have to purchase the higher levels, but it’s worth it for this addictive game.

Falling Fred (Free)

Fred is falling, and it’s up to you to keep him alive. There are plenty of obstacles that will get in your way, from fan blades to other falling objects. If you’re not careful, Fred is liable to lose a limb (or two) on his way down the shaft. But no matter how dismembered Fred is, he always survives to tell the tale. A replay and newspaper blurb appears at the end of each run, displaying Fred’s feats. It’s a gory game, with plenty of blood splatter at every hit. The fun is really in beating your high scores, which calculate your time and number of obstacles avoided.

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