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Zombieville USA creeps to the top of Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

From the makers of Battleheart comes another hit iOS game, Zombieville USA, to the Android ecosystem. Zombieville USA is a side-scroll action game where you must destroy all the zombies. Hasbro is also bringing a classic to the Android platform, launching its official Scrabble game in the Market. It’s been a long time coming, but the popularity of mobile platforms like Android have proven worthy of Hasbro’s time. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Zombieville USA ($1.99)

You have a collection of weapons to choose from in Zombieville USA, adding a great deal of interest to this action game. From shotguns to chainsaws, rockets to flamethrowers, select your method of torture as you take down all the zombies in the land. You can even run over zombies in abandoned street cars, wiping out more than a few at a time. We can’t get enough zombie games, and the simple design of this game quickly draws you in. Making like a true zombie film, you can also find survivors in various landscapes, who can sometimes help you battle an onslaught of the undead.

Scrabble (Free)

Hasbro had quite a time realizing the full potential of social games, fighting Scrabble clones on Facebook and in the mobile market as well. Now with the support of EA Games, Hasbro is joining the bandwagon, giving the people what they wanted all along -- Scrabble Free. Play with random opponents or friends online, or with physical friends using pass-n-play. The mobile version has a dictionary included, as well as a Teacher button to show other options for a word. If you’re the type to keep several games running, Scrabble supports up to 50 games at a time. This first version is free and full of ads, so hopefully Hasbro and EA offer a paid version in the future.

Wiz Kid Jr. ($0.99)

This brilliant arcade game is a bit of Bejeweled mixed with a lot of wizardry fun. For each puzzle, you must highlight the right color combos, clearing the board while new color orbs (evil spirits) drop in. More points give you more options, like spells, which you can use during a battle. There’s a couple different game modes to experience, including Classic Arcade and Super Free Play. High scores are the main goals for each. What’s great about this game is its ease of use, with smooth graphics for quick gameplay. It takes full advantage of developing game behavior around mobile devices, so you’ll really enjoy playing this game.

Hyperlight ($2.26)

Hyperlight is a new game in the same genre as PewPew and other spaced out games with retro-inspired graphics. Avoid or destroy the enemy cosmic beings, blasting them to pieces as they barrel towards you at the speed of light. This game uses your accelerometer, so you can tilt your phone to fly through space. There’s a handful of bonus weapons to collect as you advance through the game, combining some button-mashing for killer combos. If you’re into boss battles, try Arcade Mode. Just want to play? Infinity Mode is for you. Hyperlight is optimized for HD devices, so be prepared for this game's neon take on space wars.

AR Blitz (Free)

Some of the most groundbreaking games are those that use augmented reality. While the technology is still in its infancy, games like AR Blitz are pushing the norms, merging the physical and virtual into a single game experience. You’ll need to print out the Marker sheet to get started, aiming your phone’s camera at the sheet. On your phone screen you’ll see a series of bouncing shapes. Zap them as they rise into the air, with different shape and color combos earning you different point values. The goal is to reach the highest score within 60 seconds, which is harder than it sounds.

Elf City Online (Free)

The full version of Elf City Online has been released, giving citizens of this virtual world extended game play and hordes of new options. Similar to SimCity, this game lets you build a metropolis any way you’d like. There’s over 80 building styles to choose from, giving you an array of custom options. With the multiplayer aspects of the game, you can barter with other city developers, or just drop in for a visit. If other players like your city, you’ll earn bonus rewards. And if you’re feeling gracious, you can send other players gifts. This game is more about economy than combat, but can be just as fun.

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