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Box Buster Android game will help you fill your down time

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Box Buster isn't an exceptionally original concept. It's a survival game where you have to catch as many falling crates as you can, and avoid the occasional bomb. This one won't keep your attention for long, but because it's not very involved, you can pick it up and put it down just as quickly.

This is exactly the kind of game you want to have when you're standing in line at the post office, sitting in a waiting room, or riding public transportation. Each game only lasts a short time, and just like the tons of high-jump and running-style games in the Android marketplace, you will never level-up. It's really fun in short bursts, but because there's not a lot involved with this one, it won't keep you entertained for hours.

To play, use your phone's tilt controls so your wheeled cart can catch the falling boxes. Fortunately, your boxes don't have to be stacked neatly atop one another. As long as it's lined up with your cart, the box will stick. After you've caught a large number of them — enough to fill a bar at the top of the screen — you can tap to clear your load.

It should also be noted that Box Buster's tilt controls are very, very sensitive, so they might take some getting used to.

As I mentioned earlier, there are also explosives that will fall down from the ceiling. These are labeled with a cap-locked AVOID sign, but when you're frantically flying across the screen, trying to dive for the next crate, you will occasionally hit one and lose the game.

One complaint I had with this one was that the first time users load the app, they have to wait a few minutes for it to fully load (after this, though, it pops open quickly and without issue). It's best if you open Box Buster right after you download it, that way, it will be set to play when you're stuck in a waiting room.

Box Buster probably won't be a timeless favorite, but it is a perfectly middle-of-the-road, reliable app.

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