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Adorable Bug Village Android game will win you over

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Bugs aren't so irritating or unsettling when they're your bugs.

Bug Village for Android puts you in charge of building and nurturing your own colony of ants and bees. This one falls under the category of those “god games,” in which you control every aspect of what happens in your own little world.

Start out by building the framework of your civilization, just by putting the ants to work gathering acorns and the bees building their nests. You'll also need to make sure the bugs are taken care of on a more personal level, by feeding them sugar cubes, cookies and ice cream, helping bugs in distress, and shooing away outside bugs to keep them from damaging your colony.

Bug Village won't cost you anything to download, but gamers beware: The game will, at times, try to get you to use real money.

Bug Village has some impressive, vibrant 3D graphics. The art style, too, is very cute, and makes the bugs look more like cuddly, fuzzy friends than creatures with stingers and teeth.

Like other games of its kind, there's always something to be done to expand and improve your civilization. The game itself also has a whole lot of items that you can download (or buy) to make your bugs' home more of a home. If you like these kinds of games, it's safe to say that Bug Village will keep you busy for a while.

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