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Android game Doodle Fit is sure to draw a crowd

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Doodle Fit for your Android phone bears some resemblances to TETRIS. Although it's an entirely different animal, it's a refreshing new take on an old classic.

In Doodle Fit, each level presents a different shape, whether it be a simple rectangle or a strange-looking trapezoid. It starts out simple, but the shapes quickly become more complex. You have to take your L-shaped and square Tetris-like blocks and make every single one of these pieces fit perfectly inside of the shape at hand.

Once you start moving away from squares and rectangles, you'll notice that the game does start to become rather tedious. To keep things interesting, Doodle Fit will occasionally start to throw some bonus rounds at you, in which you try to beat the clock.

Even so, fitting shapes into other shapes will only hold your attention for so long. (And staring intently at that screen for more than a little while can't be good for you, right?) The game is a quality download, though, and regardless of how burnt out you become in a single sitting, there's a good chance you'll keep this one in your app library and come back to it every now and again.

Doodle Fit, as a concept, isn't at all a tough game to play. The rules are pretty intuitive, and gameplay runs without any kind of issue. The app's most memorable feature, though, is its fun, cartoony art style. Staying true to the “doodle” in the title, these little shapes (and any on-screen words) look like they could be found in the margins of a middle schooler's math homework. The shapes actually look like they were traced onto graph paper and have been scribbled in by a person.

While the game might look like geometry homework, it's much more fun than that. Give the free version of this game a try before downloading the ad-free, premium version.

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