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BackStab tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

There were a few big game releases for Android this week, the most notable being Gameloft’s BackStab. The game is a bloodthirsty story of revenge, with plenty of opportunities for fights to get up close and personal. Fieldrunners HD also made a big splash with its Android Market debut and tablet support, while Com2Us and Herocraft expand their Android Market lineup as well.

BackStab HD $6.99

Revenge is a dish best served cold. In BackStab, Henry Black is a shattered man out on a quest for vengeance. After losing his family, Blake sets off on a journey through a series of locations taking down adversaries. You’ve got military training to draw on, using deadly fighting skills to create killer combos in combat. The latest from Gameloft, BackStab debuted on the Xperia PLAY before hitting the Android Market. It’s the latest in a string of Android releases from Gameloft as the game publisher diversifies its access and distribution. With its great graphics and involved plots Gameloft is known for, this swashbuckler is quite an adventure.

Fieldrunners HD $2.99

This popular tower defense game has made its way to the Android Market, greatly expanding its potential user base. It took a while for Fieldrunners to launch on Android, having become an established title on iOS. But only Android gamers get the HD version, featuring refreshed graphics. The current game offers a handful of weapons, hundreds of levels and different game modes, delivering new challenges and achievements at each turn. But one really cool perk for Fieldrunners players will be DLC support, which will offer downloadable content to offer even more maps and features with a constantly updated game.

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Catan $4.28

In this puzzler, you’ll need some sneaky strategies to win over the entire island of Catan. Inspired by the original Settlers of Catan game, Catan for Android supports up to four players, seeing who can establish the most settlements and biggest army. Set up trade posts, claim land and protect your resources. Like many other games these days, Catan’s full experience relies on in-app purchases where you’ll gain new professions, locations and treasures. This game is intriguing and fun to play even without other opponents. See how well your strategy works against the computer for an equally satisfying challenge.

Diversion (Free)

Diversion is a new hit in the Android Market, with 100 levels of platform fun. Run through each stage collecting gems, leaping over chasms and overcoming obstacles until you reach the end. You’ll discover a few boosts along the way, including jump pads and the ability to grab ledges for jumps that are too wide. Spanning three unique worlds, Diversion has over 100 animated characters to unlock and collect. The 3D game knows how to switch things up, with options like playing your own music during gameplay. This isn’t one of those rinse-and-repeat platformers. You’re bound to get a new experience every time you play.

Inotia3: Children of Carnia (Free)

From top developer Com2us comes another RPG with an involved storyline, battles and play-based advancements throughout. In this extended adventure of the Chronicles of Inotia, it’s up to you to protect the children of the land. It’s a coming-of-age story, so you’ll build up your skills as you advance in the game. There’s a great deal of organization in this game, with a class-based battle system. Playing story mode offers several characters and the option to hire mercenaries and all the weapons and skills they bring. As with most RPGs like Inotia, you can personalize your characters with clothing and weapons.

Art of War 2 ($0.94)

Herocraft has also released a new title, launching one of the only free MMORTS in the Android Market. Based off the original game, Art of War 2 gives you the ability to play against other online players in real-time (turn-based games are so last year). Work your way up in rank and rating, taking part in a range of tournaments to win money. There’s strategy and skill required for successful campaigns, and you’ll need to develop your own tactics in order to have any major gains in this game. War truly is an art, so put some thought into your strategies as you revel in real-time gameplay on your mobile device.

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