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Android App Video Review: Wizard Rush

by Andrew Koziara

Wizard Rush is a new running game by Mouse Games. The main mechanic of the game is gravity manipulation, inverting it at will. The game has some nice aesthetics and fun game play, but overall it feels a bit lazy, as if there is a lot missing.

Apparently, this game is about wizards, but that’s preposterous, as I have not seen a single wizard yet in the entire game. Lots of Halloween witches though! Anyway, you are a student at Hogwards (with a D) School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you’re running from some evil witch because… just because. I only figured this out from the market place description, there is no story in the actual game. I mean, I’m not expecting Dragon Age here, but at least give us a little bit of context for our actions.

Each level has you running to the right. The only thing you can do is tap the screen to flip gravity for yourself. You follow the trail of stars through to the end of the level, avoiding both enemies and falling out of said level. You can also kill enemies if you invert gravity so that it’s like you’re jumping on top of them. Each level has three special collectible stars that require you to go off the star path to collect, and many of them are pretty difficult to attain. You can always replay a level and get them later, though the game doesn’t create even a tiny bit of incentive to collect them, so you probably won’t bother. There are three worlds with four levels each, followed by a fifth boss battle against the evil witch, for a grand total of 15 levels (with a promise of more on the way).

The art and colors can be pleasing in some levels, but straight up strange or ugly looking in others. It doesn’t help that the first two worlds are very Halloween themed, while the third world suddenly takes place during the daytime in what appears to be a futuristic Paris. Like I said, there is no explanation. The running/gravity inverting mechanics can be fun at times, but they’ve been done much better in other games. The one just feels incomplete. There are barely any sound effects and the same music track loops for the entire duration of the game. The only incentive to play is a simple leader board. I hope they add more to the game in future updates, but right now it feels unfinished. Once again though, I can’t really complain, as the game is totally free, so check this one out if it seems like your kind of thing.

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