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Zenonia 3 tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

The Midgard Story lives on, with the third release of Zenonia. This popular RPG has captivated thousands of gamers with its heavily involved storyline, tasks and skill-building, and Gamevil’s made it even more special by offering Zenonia 3 for free. Hungry Shark - Part 3 also caught waves this week, reaching 6 million downloads and receiving an update.

Zenonia 3 (Free)

Zenonia fans have been waiting a while for this latest RPG sequel, with the release of the third edition now available in the Android Market. The Midgard Story continues with over 220 new maps, with over 100 quests on which you can embark. The new game also offers some new combat capabilities, and the inventory management system has also been updated, ridding the game of weight and hunger markers. Of course, Zenonia 3 is loaded with new weapons, armor and footwear, making for maximum customization of your action-oriented characters. Challenge friends in this new chapter, and find a way to make it your own.

Hungry Shark - Part 3 ($5.21)

Hungry Shark is also on its third major title release, compounding the success that led to 6 million downloads of the popular game. The latest edition comes with a few new features, including full use of tilt controls, new food and enemies, and bonuses for combo “meals.” Catch special objects that sink down to your shark’s level, and you may earn some extra points. There’s also some 20 new challenges to complete that will unlock achievements, banking on some of the more recent trends in mobile gaming. Eat your way to victory, keeping your shark full and healthy all the while.

Big Mountain Snowboarding ($2.99)

Sports games get more variety with Big Mountain Snowboarding, one of the better of its handful of counterparts. This 3D game has been updated for full Android Honeycomb support, as well as optimized for other Android tablets. With more screen space, this game gets more detailed around its depiction of snowboarding action. Try your jump tricks on the tablet version, which is surely more gratifying than a smaller smartphone screen. Big Mountain Snowboarding features a dozen mountain trails, racing to the bottom and doing tricks all the way. If you plan on buying the Galaxy Tab 10.1, this is a game you may want to try out.

Polygon Plummet (Free)

Physics puzzlers are always good fun, and Polygon Plummet is a new one to try out. Build your stack as high and wide as you can, applying a bit of strategy to reach certain achievements for each level. You may need to launch a swinging shape, or send a block plummeting at just the right angle. There’s 60 levels to try out, mixing logic with quick response time in order to solve these very unique levels. Achievements is a big part of this game, with OpenFeint integration for leaderboards. Already a rising star, expect regular level updates for Polygon Plummet.

Rhythm Racer 2 (Free)

Music games are also gaining in popularity, with iOS favorite Rhythm Racer 2 making its way to the Android Market. Mix a bit of Guitar Hero with racing, and you’ll begin to understand how this rocker game works. The idea is to keep the music playing as you race through various scenes, racking up points by hitting jumps and power-ups throughout the course. This game is all about the beats -- the race isn’t just about getting to the finish line. There’s an actual rhythm to this game, which comes with a handful of free songs to get you started.

PBA Bowling 2 ($2.99)

Bowling games have been popular on Android devices from the very beginning, and PBA Bowling 2 is one of the more solid titles in this genre. Making a real competition of things, PBA Bowling 2 brings international players and popular lanes to the digital realm, letting you have your own tournament right from your phone. The game received a decent boost this week, after running a promo in the Amazon Appstore. It looks like this bowling game is striking out in more ways than one.

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