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Android game Pax Britannica offers strategic fun in small bursts

by Ian Black

Remember the complex strategy board games of the past like Risk and Diplomacy? If you’re able to carve out several consecutive hours to devote to playing such games, then you live in a world less ADD than mine. I still enjoy strategy games, but prefer them brief with instant gratification — that’s Pax Britannica.

You control a large underwater military vessel called a “factory” ship, because it manufactures more military ships upon your instructions. Your factory ship sports a center-mounted gauge that looks a little like a speedometer divided into four equal quadrants. By touching and holding with your finger, you move the needle across the quadrant. Let your finger up when the needle is within the first quadrant, and the factory ships creates a fighter ship, the second quadrant generates a bomber, third a frigate and the fourth quadrant upgrades your factory ship. But, it’s not like you’re peacefully making war boats — all the while, an enemy factory ship is attempting to destroy you.

The action is fast and furious. You must quickly decide with every rev of the dial which quadrant to use, and this requires you to scan the situation of the enemy ships, your fleet, and the battle as a whole. By the way, the graphics are excellent, and the conflict looks beautiful as well as deadly.

I enjoyed it all immensely, and the game made for a great mental break while I had a few minutes to kill. Will I play the game forever? I doubt it, but, for now, I’ll have fun with it.

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