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N.O.V.A. 2 HD tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

A string of HD games continue to hit the Android Market, with Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 2 among the latest. T-Racer is another HD title, with stunning graphics making it a notable new release. A summer update to the wildly popular Angry Birds Seasons has also come to the Android Market this week, marking another seasonal release for Rovio’s top title.

N.O.V.A. 2 HD ($6.99)

The sequel to one of Gameloft’s first first-person shooter (FPS) games for Android has finally made its way to the Android Market. Gameloft’s been slowly releasing its titles to the Android Market in recent weeks, making them available for purchase in Google’s own app storefront instead of through direct download. Taking on one of the latest trends in Android games, the HD status comes with improved graphics for higher-end phones. A game for Halo lovers, N.O.V.A. 2 HD equips you with a variety of weapons to shoot your enemies. With more diversified gameplay, you have more moves to master in career mode, with new chapters and locations to explore.

Angry Birds Seasons (Free)

It’s summertime, so there must be an Angry Birds update due out. 'Summer Pignic' has arrived earlier than expected this year, but maybe Rovio’s anxious to push out another seasonal update. Millions of Angry Birds users have come to expect new challenges, unlockables and achievements, poring over the strategically placed Golden Eggs until they're all uncovered. Rovio's heightening the excitement with Pignic, rolling out one new level per day. It's a tactic that was applied to the Christmas edition last year, as Rovio constantly tweaks its methods for keeping us hooked.

Stardunk (Free)

Stardunk is a stellar game of galactic athletic ability, taking one of America's favorite sports into space. This massive multiplayer game, already popular on the iPhone, draws you in with real time gameplay, for a round of pick-up and play or an extended tournament. Create custom balls, unlock new features and designs with the points you earn. Each ball has its own unique capability, giving you more opportunities to beat online players. High scores are the big draw, with OpenFeint integration for leaderboards.

Draw Slasher ($0.71)

If you like action flicks like Kill Bill, you'll like Draw Slasher. In this action game, it's Pirate Monkey Zombies you're fighting, ninja style. Defend your island from these monsters, slicing off heads and limbs. There's a few different gameplay modes to chose from, including Survival, Hardcore (gory) and Classic, each with a different number of levels. As with any good slasher game, combos are important. Learn all of them to get the most out of Draw Slasher, coming up with different ways to kill the monster enemies. There's a variety of scenes to slash in, from gardens to cityscapes.

Apparatus ($1.70)

Apparatus is a game that's simple in mechanics, but challenging in accomplishments. It's your job to move each level's marbles to the end goal, building bridges, connecting cables and motorizing various objects. You're equipped with a hammer and a wrench to put items together, creating the necessary apparatus to get the marbles from one side of the board to the other. What's good about this game is it trains you as you go, starting out with basic instructions and later leaving you to your own devices. It takes a certain amount of ingenuity to solve the higher levels, and for the truly creative, you can create, upload and share your own levels.

T-Racer ($4.80)

Another HD game to hit the Android Market is T-Racer, with support for Tegra 2-equipped devices. The game lives up to expectations in terms of HD-enhanced graphics, with smooth gameplay for a fast-paced adventure. Choose from a handful of ships, each with its own set of abilities, which can help or hinder your racing style. T-Racer is futuristic in style, with rocket-fitted ships and streamlined racing scenes. For an alternative to straight racing, T-Racer comes with Battle Arena mode as well, where being the last one standing makes you king of the hill.

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