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Throw these dice-rollin’ Android games into the mix

by Kristen Nicole

Sometimes the simplest objects make for the most compelling games. Take dice, for instance. These numbered cubes can determine the fate of many games, dictating the number of spaces you can move, or trumping a component’s bet. Dice are used for a myriad of games, or can become the game all on their own. Throw some dice on an Android phone, and you can have endless games without the worry of losing one die or another.

Yahtz Me (Free)

Yahtzee is replicated in digital form in this free Android game, supporting up to four players for local Wi-Fi games. It’s a pretty good version of a classic dice game, taking you through 13 rounds of rolling and scoring. There’s two game modes in this version: classic or duplicate. With duplicate mode, more strategy is required as you play against the computer’s secret rolls. The large, clean graphics make Yahtz Me a useful edition to beginners, with handy tutorials accessible throughout the game. Beyond regular gameplay, competitive incentives are basic, consisting of online high scores. For tablet users, Yahtz Me has a Galaxy tab version as well.

ZenDice ($3.55)

ZenDice is another take on Yahtzee, also supporting up to four players. Roll the dice to score different combos, racking-up as many points as possible. There’s 18 score combos you’re going after, and 18 rounds in a game. For each round, you choose which scoring combo to use, each combo being available for a single round. ZenDice is a bit more expansive with its available versions, some likely to remind you of the version you grew up with. Play with others or the computer. Also good for training, ZenDice will suggest which dice to hold or score if you enable this feature. Its range of gameplay options is what makes ZenDice worth a try.

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Farkle ($0.99)

Farkle is a quick-rolling dice game where you must balance numbers with timing, choosing your rolls carefully to earn the most points possible. It’s a multiplayer game, giving you six dice to roll for each turn. You’re making a bet with every roll, collecting or losing points depending on how many dice you roll, and how many times you decide to take that chance. You need to roll the right combos to actually earn points with your roll, giving Farkle the excitement of a gambling game. Miss out on the winning numbers, and you could lose a big chunk of points. This Android game is a mobile version of the popular Facebook title, so you’ll need to sign-in to play.

Dice 3D (Free)

If it’s just a pair of die you’re looking for, Dice 3D is made for you. It’s a digital dice shaker with 3D animation, as well as tilt control to respond to your movements like a real pair of die. You can adjust the settings for shakes, volume and vibrate according to your needs. There’s no game associated with this app, but you can use it as a physical dice replacement for games, decision-making or bets. There’s up to 6 dice included in this shaker, giving you a wide range of applicable uses for Dice 3D.

DiceBall (Free)

DiceBall is a newer Android game, putting a puzzling spin on gravity and colored dice. It’s a 3D game where you must tilt your phone to move the small, metal ball, pinging against the different dice strewn across the board. Each level has different color, number and symbol combos, presenting different challenges for high score chasers. A mix between pinball and tilt mazes, DiceBall gets harder with every level, making it trickier to hold on to your game lives. Custom options include three themes and several backgrounds to choose.

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