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Burn the Rope Android game will light a fire under you

by Caitlin M. Foyt

You don't have to be a pyromaniac to know that there’s something alluring about an open flame. In the addicting game of Burn The Rope, players must control fire in order to wipe out as much of the on-screen rope as possible.

Not to be confused with the popular iOS game Cut The Rope, Burn The Rope (also available on iOS) is a new twist in the puzzle-game genre.

The game's tutorial is brief and very clear, but here's how Burn The Rope plays in a nutshell: To ignite a fire, touch an on-screen rope. The real challenge of the game is that a flame only burns upward, so you have to keep rotating your device in order to keep things burning. The flame will be extinguished if you try to burn down the rope, and tapping the screen will increase the speed at which things burn.

Like pretty much all other puzzle games, things start out easy, but become progressively more difficult. After a few levels, you'll start to encounter bugs. Some will explode and help you get rid of pieces of rope, while others will earn you points if you burn them. Colored bugs change the color of the flame and are needed to burn ropes with a corresponding color.

Despite what you might be envisioning from the description, I promise that Burn The Rope is actually very fun and addicting. I found myself going back and replaying levels over and over so I could improve my score (and, in turn, open even more levels.) I like that the ropes aren't straight lines or coils on the ground. There are patterns in the shape of funky objects, like UFOs, an Egyptian eye, planets, cherries and kites. The fact that the game's controls are smooth and did exactly what they were supposed to do make this a very enjoyable experience.

The game's soundtrack is fun at first, but you can only listen to a strange guy with a Southern accent say “Burn the rope, yeah...” so many times before it becomes irritating. I almost immediately turned my sound off.

Burn The Rope has a handful of ads, but they're mostly non-invasive. I became so engrossed with trying not to lose my flame that I didn't even notice them for a while. If they bother you, though, there's also a full version of this app. You won't find the premium Burn The Rope in the Android marketplace, though. You have to make your purchase directly through the app.

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