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Burn the Rope ignites Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

The Android Market is filling up with strategy and shooter games, as titles like Burn the Rope and Galaxy on Fire 2 top this week’s best games list. Already popular on iOS, the hit game Burn the Rope has finally made its way to the Android Market, with over 100 addictive levels to wrangle you in. Top Android devices are attracting high-end games for Tegra support, including the latest edition of Galaxy on Fire.

Burn the Rope (Free)

With anticipation building high these past couple of weeks, Big Blue Bubble developers finally released their popular Burn the Rope game into the Android Market. Your goal is to burn as much of the rope as you can in each stage, but you can only burn upwards. Turn your phone accordingly to make sure the flame’s headed in the right direction, with more challenges introduced with color ropes (which require matching colored flames), and critters that can affect your progress if they get burned. The premise of the game is fresh enough to make its 100 or so levels interesting, with simple concepts made complex with each new obstacle.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD (Free)

If graphic games are your thing, then Galaxy on Fire 2 THD is the game for you. It’s full of high definition graphics and involved gameplay, designed for Tegra 2 Android devices, marking its place amongst this new generation of high-end games. In this galactic game, you defend your spaceship in battle after battle, exploring over a dozen solar systems and hundreds of space stations. The game gets pretty involved, with story-based missions and a diplomacy system to work your way through. Game maker Fishlabs is making its rounds, launching this version shortly after releasing Galaxy on Fire 2 for the Xperia Play. The price also sets this new Android edition apart -- it’s free -- though you’ll find yourself paying for plenty with in-app purchases.

Army Sniper (Free)

As far as straight sniper games go, Army Sniper is worthwhile. In this game, your phone becomes the sniper scope lining up your shots. Once you’re in aim mode, tilt your phone to steady your aim and click the fire button. Throughout the game, you’re on the hunt for enemy terrorists, ready to take them out. You can play Army Sniper in story mode or endless mode, with three different levels of difficulty. Though the game plateaus in terms of complexity, its graphics keep your interest for this type of game. Sometimes you just feel like playing a point-and-shoot game, and Army Sniper is certainly satisfactory in that regard.

Orbital Defender ($0.99)

For a more complicated game, try Orbital Defender. It’s downright frustrating at times, challenging you in more ways than one. In this game, you must defend the solar system from alien attack, ranging from massive spaceships to asteroids. With charge of an aircraft steadily orbiting planet Earth, you must gather up powerful weapons and use them to destroy the raiders. The tricky part of the game is the sheer number of enemies out to get you, leaving you to rely on power-ups and strategy to outwit the onslaught. What really adds a level of difficulty to the game, however, is the fact that you’re constantly circling the planet all along. You can’t change speed or modify the path, so your strategy must also incorporate this orbit.

Doodle Grub (Free)

Another popular game from iOS, Doodle Grub brings a new twist on the classic Snake game to the Android Market. It’s a colorful and animated game, with apples randomly appearing across the board, enticing your grubber in any which direction. With each treat your creature gets longer, making it more difficult to navigate the board. Putting a modern-day spin on things, gameplay is extended with social features, including Twitter and Facebook integration. It’s the leaderboards and achievements you’re really after, spurring on a friendly competition via OpenFeint.

Herman the Hermit ($1.99)

Another Capcom title is working its way up the charts, with a platform jumper set in the mountains. As a crazy old hermit living in the Himalayan Mountains, you jump from platform to platform, collecting items and power-ups. You’ll earn boosts that help you across wide chasms and other obstacles, benefitting you in one witty way or another. This game has quite the sense of humor, from the premise of a Ninja-like mad man, to the bonuses you’ll earn along the way. As with most platform jumpers in the Android Market, there’s dozens of achievements to keep your interest, with OpenFeint integration as well.

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