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Customize your opponents, then slug them in FaceFighter Gold Android game

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Boss or mother-in-law got you down? FaceFighter Gold for your Android phone is a healthy way to re-channel some of those feelings — by beating the complete snot out of them.

It's a kung-fu boxing game in which you play against your friends and family. You create your opponents by pull images from your phone's photo gallery and paste them over the top of the face template on the game's background. You can even zoom in or out of the image or rotate the photo in order to make it fit properly.

Using three different on-screen controls, you can punch left, punch right or kick your opponents in the face. And they will certainly take the beating you give them, suffering bruises, black eyes and even lose some teeth.

The opponent isn't just a punching bag, though, he or she will fight back. To protect yourself from flying fists, there's another on-screen button you can tap that enables you to throw up your hands and protect your face. There are also some special weapons you can use, like a wrench or a rubber chicken that can be used to finish off your enemy.

The game's graphics and interface design aren't quite top-notch, but this is understandable, considering you're pretty much doing a cut-and-paste job onto the screen in order to play the game. It's the other game features, though, that really make this memorable. For instance, the game's ka-pow!-like sound effects are what make the slugs to your uncle's face especially gratifying and fun.

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This game won't keep you busy for hours and hours, but it is fun and interesting enough to warrant a $2 download, in my opinion.

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