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Cool down with these free Android games for summer break

by Kristen Nicole

Summer is (almost) officially here, and that means one thing. Summer break! For students around the world, summer break is the best time of year, mixing freedom with good weather, vacations with friends and family. But with all that free time, there’s also plenty of opportunity to get involved with some of the more complex Android games out there, or even the social ones that may have distracted you during the school year. Whether you’re looking for a way to kill time on road trips, or reconnect with friends, Android games can be the perfect summer companions.

Pocket Legends (Free)

With an entire summer ahead, you’ve got time for role-playing games, especially social ones with involved plot lines, skill-building and committed strategy execution. Pocket Legends is for World of Warcraft fans, seeking a massive multiplayer experience on the Android. The 3D game supports millions of players at any given time, all exploring dungeons, mountain peaks and other environments in this cross-platform game. You’ll have quite a time building the necessary skills to topple mighty warriors, buying or earning the weapons and items you’ll need to succeed in your missions.

Parallel Kingdom AOT (Free)

A popular MMO, Parallel Kingdom makes good use of your real surroundings for enhanced gameplay. Parallel Kingdom is an augmented reality game where your Android device becomes an enabling tool to see all the creatures existing alongside you, connecting the game to your GPS location. Fashioned after Zelda, this game sends you on a series of adventures as you hunt creatures, claim land and build your kingdom. This is a very social game, too, so you’re able to chat with friends and even visit their kingdoms. Work together by trading resources, hunt in teams for bonuses and even plant your own harvest.

Words With Friends (Free)

Missing your school buddies? I bet it won’t be too hard to rope them into a few rounds of Words With Friends. Among the latest Zynga game to hit the Android Market, this Scrabble-like game makes for plenty of friendly banter, and even keeps your vocab skills intact during school break. This game is also cross-platform, so you can even play with your iPhone-toting friends. And with the ability to play multiple games at once, it’s easy to find someone to play with, and juggle multiple rounds. There’s in-game chats, so you can stay caught up with friends all summer long, or let them know what you really think of that three-letter word they just tried to pass off. Share high scores on Facebook when you hit that triple-word score for the win.

Geocaching (Free)

If long road trips and plane rides fill your summer break, you may as well make the best of it with some real-world treasure-hunting. Geocaching has become a popular pastime ever since GPS became a standard feature on mobile phones, and the official Geocaching app will connect you to the nearest geocaches based on your location. It queries the database, helping you search and filter the cache you want. Each of these treasure hunts is different, based on terrain, difficulty, size and more. Check each cache’s recent logs, shared photos and inventory, along with goals and trackable details to document your own journey. Map your caches, leave notes and download active queries so you can still play, even when you’ve wandered outside of your network coverage area.

Brain Genius Deluxe (Free)

My mom used to buy workbooks to keep my brain occupied during summer break, and I can tell you right now that I’d much have preferred an Android game to those outdated piles of homework any day. Brain Genius Deluxe is an example of how Android games are making education more fun and engaging, offering an entertaining way to exercise your brain. The app features 23 brain-training games that test your skills in observation, memory, reasoning and calculation. You can even track your progression as you improve, and compare scores with other players. If you’re not in the mood for a brain exercise but still want a worthwhile game, this app has “bonus” Sudoku and sliding puzzles as well.

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