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Angry Birds brings out the good and evil of Android games

by Kristen Nicole

Can there be too much of a good thing? When it comes to Angry Birds, your love of this game can get you into quite a bit of trouble. A new crop of malicious Android apps have taken over the Market, all using the guise of Angry Birds add-on apps. Google (GOOG) already removed the apps from the Android Market, but it seems there’s a weekly instance of some security breach when it comes to the mobile platform. Neil J. Rubenking of PCWorld is surprised by how easily these Trojan apps can be created, outlining five steps demonstrated by Symantec (SYMC) researchers at last week’s Next@Norton event.

The allure of Android games

From choosing an app that will gain users’ attention to obtaining the Java source code, the fact that creating a malicious malware app can be boiled down into five steps is unnerving. Android games are particularly alluring to unknowing consumers, heightening the growing concern around mobile security. With many mobile games linking into social accounts for achievements and leaderboards, they also present another opportunity for hackers to access personal account info. In such cases, security services bask in their ability to address these rising malware issues, with companies like mSeven launching a password manager to protect data residing in games and other apps.

But for Angry Birds lovers, this isn’t the end of the world. You can keep your phone and its data safe and enjoy a bit of offline fun with some Angry Birds speakers. Coming this summer from Gear4, the speakers come in three different types, each representing a character from the popular game. Each speaker has its own way of docking -- on the side, on top or via the headphone jack. You’d have to be a pretty dedicated fan to pay up to $130 for one of these themed speakers, further solidifying Angry Birds as a cult classic.

HyperBees giveaway

In other gaming news, HyperBees has rolled out a new title. The same developer team that brought you Speedx 3D and the Impossible Level Game just launched Shaky Tower last night. Similar to other topple games, you must build a tower of cubes without it falling over. It’s a game of skill and patience, as the game uses your accelerometer to sway your tower in one direction or another. With multiple game modes, there’s no shortage of obstacles and challenges in this Android game. Linked with OpenFeint for achievements and rewards, HyperBees is offering Appolicious readers some free virtual currency to get you started. Be one of the first 20 readers to visit our Facebook page to get your free coins.