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Grand Prix Story zooms to lead Android games of the week

by Kristen Nicole

High profile events like the E3 conference, where Android developer had an increased presence, serve as an inspiring backdrop to this week’s best new games. Kairosoft, the makers of Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story, adds another “story” game to its lineup, delving into the new theme of racing. There’s also some classic arcade motifs that remain popular in the Android Market, with games like Eole & the Paper Ball and Spinballs rising to the top.

Grand Prix Story ($4.99)

Another time-management game from Kairosoft, this time you have to run an entire car racing team. You’re the boss, and you must train your drivers and gain sponsors if you want to win the Grand Prix. Develop new cars and their parts, customizing them to your specifications. You’ll need to pay attention to your car and driver specs, constantly ordering changes to maintain your team. Following the success of Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story, Kairosoft is making a name for itself in uniquely-themed time management games and the fast-paced Grand Prix Story is no exception.

Pumpkins vs. Monsters (free)

In this action-driven puzzler, you must defend your land against zombies and other monsters with nothing but your hoards of pumpkins. Fling them at the oncoming beasts, wiping out as many as you can with speed and efficiency. You can plan your attacks by arranging pumpkins before you hurl them in the direction of the monsters, and even set up “jack-o-lantern” minefields that leave you time to plan more sophisticated attacks. As you work your way through levels and earn bonuses, you can gain power-ups, buy more pumpkin weapons, and improve your strategy along the way.

Eole & the Paper Ball ($1.44)

A game of tilt-control and skill, Eole & the Paper Ball takes you through one obstacle after another, navigating an unstoppable ball as fast as you can. Roll and jump your way through the game’s 30 levels, topping speeds to gain more points. It’s your job to control this rolling paper ball, which is powered by Eole, the god of wind.  He’s blowing your ball along, but it’s up to you to steer clear of pitfalls, fire and other danger. Collect coins as you roll from one platform to the next, seeking new ways to navigate the course. Look out for symbols in the soil, which can change the direction of the wind in an instant.

Spinballs ($2.90)

Spinballs is another ball-oriented arcade game, with puzzles to solve instead of obstacles to circumvent. You’re presented with 7 discs, each holding 5 balls. Rotate the discs to match ball colors, clearing the board and creating bonus-earning combos. More colored balls will fill the discs as you eliminate them, leveling up as you reach certain point milestones. Similar to Bejeweled, levels are timed and you can earn different tools for slowing down balls, gain extra time, rotate balls inside the discs, and more.

Tank Hero (free)

Tank Hero was an early favorite in my Android game collection, as it takes me back to the PC game days of my childhood. You’re pitted against enemy tanks, where you must destroy them before they get to you first. Navigate the various arenas in each level, using walls as protection, though bouncing bullets often find a way around such barriers. Use this to your advantage, sneaking in shots while the enemy’s back is turned. Tank Hero features 80 levels and two game play modes, and a range of weapons and tanks to choose from. With growing popularity on the Andorid Market, Tank Hero is now expanding to iOS.

Abduction! World Attack ($2.21)

Abduction! is a popular series in the Android Market, with the World Attack sequel adding new challenges to this arcade game. Keep a steady hand in this accelerometer game, which takes you leaping from one platform to another with the tilt of the phone from one side to the other. Climb high into the skies to chase down the UFO that kidnapped your friends, which is an increasingly challenging feat as you progress through the unending levels. The platforms get further apart, heightening game play as you rebound from an overzealous tilt-jump. You gain skills as you level up, and the countless number of levels in this game is what will keep you hooked.