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Fresh Android Apps for June 9: Color Flashlight HD, Grand Prix Story, Alberi

by Ian Black

Sometimes I decide what to mention in the Freshies and sometimes the people want what the people want. In today’s list, Color Flashlight HD, Grand Prix Story, and Alberi are all top-rated although they’ve only been available a few days at the most.

Color Flashlight HD (Free)

I tried to ignore this app, but the crazy horde of fans wouldn’t let me. Who needs another flashlight app? Apparently, over ten thousand Android device owners, most of who rate this utility app very highly.

The reason – it isn’t an ordinary flashlight app. You can shine your phone’s flash or the screen itself as the light source. It features pulsing lights, changing colors, adding text and sound and a huge variety of other options so that you can use it to find your way in a theater, search for your lost dog in the dark, or signal the rescuers in a real emergency. It’s free. Get it and join the horde.

Grand Prix Story ($4.99)

You knew this was coming. There have been “story” games for running a restaurant, a bakery, a software development house, and more, so a race team story feels like a fulfillment of a higher destiny.

Here you’ll need to manage the designing of new cars, hiring drivers, and, of course entering in and running races. The creative team of this game has been very successful with their other engaging story games, so this one is worth a look. The description says that no knowledge of racing is required to play.

Alberi (Free)

Tired of Sudoko? Try a 2D puzzle game of a different nature and a different country of origin.

Giorgio Dendi of Italy created this puzzle. The simple rules are: every zone must have a tree, every row must have a tree, every column must have a tree, but no two trees can occupy adjacent tiles – even diagonally adjacent. This is easier said than done and higher levels add even more columns and rows.

The pastel colors and hand-drawn look make the game beautiful.

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