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Android puzzle game Refraction is challenging, but a little underwhelming

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Brightly colored laser beams and deflecting mirrors in space sound like they would make for a pretty electrifying puzzle game. But, Refraction for your Android phone isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Sure, the game is challenging, but the concept doesn't quite feel new.

You have to use mirrors to guide and bend beams of light so they touch the circles with the corresponding color. "Prisms" allow you to split up these beams and combine different colors. As you might have guessed, you're only given a certain number of prisms and mirrors per level.

Later, the intensity picks up when doors need to be unlocked and multiple beams come into the picture.

Refraction's graphics and design are underwhelming as the game sticks to a simple gray-scale color palette. The only real color in the game is provided by the lasers themselves, which, unfortunately, aren't high-definition, or vibrant, by any stretch. The simple blocks and triangles scattered throughout each level don't seem to make up for the lack of pizazz, either.

The game's sci-fi, futuristic engineering theme also might be a hard sell for a more universal audience. However, because the game plays without any noticeable issue, those who are indiscriminate when it comes to puzzle games won't be disappointed.

That being said, it should be noted that Refraction might be better suited for the more humble, old school gamer, as this app doesn't allow users to share their scores on global leader boards or social networking sites.

I think lasers are as neat as the next guy, but for the $3-plus price tag, Refraction doesn't stand up as a worthy download. Give the lite version of this game a try before forking over any money.

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