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Unique Android game Pumpkins vs. Monsters combines puzzle and action

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Your best defense against a bunch of Monsters isn't an arsenal of crossbows, daggers, crucifixes or holy water. All you've got is a bunch of pumpkins — and believe it or not, it's all you need. Pumpkins vs. Monsters is a puzzler that's not only unique, but also quite addicting.

As hordes of eerie creatures slowly approach your pumpkin patch, you've gotta make little stacks of your crops and get flinging. The game board is a grid that will be constantly filling up with new pumpkins, and in order to use these festive squashes as weapons, you have to make a grouping of at least three of the same color. Things quickly become difficult because these pumpkins come in more colors than just orange, and randomly placed gravestones will block your moves.

There are two different ways to play: Story mode and Endless mode — which is a kind of survival mode. If you play in Story mode, you have to make your way through different levels, each one more difficult than the last.

What makes the game extra fun, though, are all of the achievements and power-ups you can earn along the way.

Once you get the hang of how the game is played, you'll, naturally, start taking out more Monsters. The more Monsters you destroy and the efficiency in which you do this will earn you gold coins that you can use to buy upgrades and helpful weapons from the game's store. (You have the opportunity to make a shopping trip before the beginning of each level.) Some of the game's power-ups include shields, pumpkin masks and explosives.

What makes this game so interesting, one of a kind and so much fun, is the fact that it's a live action game, but it's also a puzzle game. (And do I have to again mention the fact that this game has power-ups?) The fact that you have to be on your toes, but also constantly thinking fast, means Pumpkins vs. Monsters stays interesting longer.

Pumpkins vs. Monsters graphics are rather unsophisticated, considering how much thought clearly went into the development of this game. I'm a little disappointed that they're not only very simple, but also aren't very sharp.

The game's soundtrack, however, is excellent and really enhances the overall gaming experience. Once you try playing with the eerie music on, you won't ever want to turn it off.

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