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Don’t pass on these great Android card games

by Kristen Nicole

Card games run rampant in Google Play, and why wouldn’t they? A deck of cards comes with a curiously high number of game combinations, each with their own rules, challenges and triumphs. Solitaire and Hearts happen to be two of my all-time favorites, but the speedy rounds of a Blackjack table may be more your style. Either way, Android’s got ‘em, so shuffle up and deal.

Solitaire MegaPack ($2.99)

Want the best of solitaire card games loaded in one app? Try Solitaire MegaPack. It catalogs over 100 solitaire games, of every variation. There’s the traditional games, like Klondike and Poker, but this digital collection is also a great way to try your hand at new solitaire games, perhaps a few you’ve never even heard of. Game play is easy, with predictive moves. There’s restart, undo and unlimited redo options, letting you learn and play at your convenience. Solitaire MegaPack isn’t big on social gaming features, but it will track every stat you ever wanted.

Live Holdem Poker Pro (Free)

Live Holdem Poker Pro is one of the most popular poker games on Android, with online rounds that let you invite Facebook friends to the table. Earn chips just for signing-in, giving you a cushy bonus to start your bets. Choose your avatar, chat real-time with other players at your table, and have a virtual good time. Colorful in its design, games go quickly and you can earn, or lose, a lot of chips before you know it. Leaderboards are an important part of this game, so the more you earn, the bigger your status.

Odesys Solitaire ($1.99)

Odesys is known for its mobile games, and that includes Solitaire. The developer stays true to its classic game rootes, rendering simple color schemes and no extra bells and whistles spurring you on to invite friends or earn bonuses. You can score standard or Vegas style, add a timer, and undo and redo moves to your heart’s content. Card moves are animated, and games pick up where you left off after exiting the app. If you ever spent hours in front of your PC playing solitaire, this game will bring back some fond memories. Follow your stats, celebrate the victories, and always have a game of solitaire on hand.

Odesys FreeCell ($1.99)

Another favorite from Odesys is FreeCell, also reminiscent of the old PC days. Moves are gesture-based, with undo and redo options. As with the computer version, you can select a specific game to play, which is one sure-fire way to manipulate your stats. FreeCell’s got a special scoring system to counterbalance any outsmarting on your part, and stats are a true reflection of how you play. FreeCell is one of those card games that can be used as a base exercise for nearly every other solitaire game, giving you free reign to work out strategies and “learn” the cards. Whether you’re just starting out or are a solitaire pro, a game of FreeCell is hard to resist.

Cleopatra’s Pyramid (Free)

Cleopatra’s Pyramid is a popular Facebook game that’s recently made its way to Android, bringing a new twist to this solitaire card game. With 12 layers to this gaming challenge, you work your way up the “pyramid” by winning games and earning points. Each layer has a series of levels, with different board layouts. Rounds are timed, increase in difficulty, and go towards building your pyramid. Earn points with each win and collect extra scarabs at the conclusion of each level. There are leaderboards, of course, encouraging you and contenders to build the biggest pyramid of all.

UNO ($4.99)

UNO isn’t a card game played with a regular deck, but it’s a classic nevertheless. Match colors and numbers in this rousing card game, playing against the computer, online players, or in a round of pass-n-play. There are nine different rule sets, including 7-0 and Jump-in, so you can play like you did when we were kids, or try a new set at your discretion. This Gameloft title has been transitioned well to mobile gameplay, with smooth animations and easy directions all throughout. There are a few game features to unlock, like new table backgrounds just to switch things up. Achievements have been added as well, layering in more game incentives for your competitive nature.