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Plants vs. Zombies tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

More popular games head to Android OS this week, including the highly anticipated Plants vs. Zombies. Marking a distinct delineation between the Android Market and a blooming third-party ecosystem, this long-awaited title is only available in the Amazon Appstore for now. Glu Games, however, is still dedicated to Android Market releases, finding success in regular updates and game sales. A series of new titles have hit the Market, including Angry Vikings.

Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99)

Highly popular on the iPhone, Plants vs. Zombies has been replicated time and again for Android. Now, gamers can finally play the real deal. Available in the Amazon Appstore only, this tower-defense game is amongst PopCap’s first Android titles, and certainly one of its best. In this game you must plant sunflowers to attract more sunlight your way, keeping the zombies at bay. The higher levels bring reams of zombies, giving you a fast-paced game that will keep your hands full. Fast becoming a classic, Plants vs. Zombies features adventure mode or quick play, letting you play how and when you want.

Happy Vikings ($1.43)

Angry Birds have been dominating the game scene, but these Happy Vikings are moving in. This action-packed platformer is filled with block puzzles, each amounting to a series of challenging raids for your vikings. The new HandyGames title is a cheerful take on Vikings’ bloody nature, stacking barrels of booze on their ship. There’s a method to the madness, as you have to match piles, earn bonuses with combos and fit in as much plundered booty as possible. Get power-ups by stacking ancient runes to appeal to the Nordic gods. Surely it’s all the booze that’s keeping these sea-faring Vikings happy, and you’ll be happy with this light-hearted puzzler.

Lyric Legend (Free)

Tune Wiki has launched a lyrical game, adding a little fun to learning the words of a song. Floating orbs display the words of your selected song; your job is to hit them in time with the lyrics. As this is still a game, there are some challenges incorporated into Lyric Legend. Select your difficulty level, which goes up to five levels, changing tempo and offering fewer hints. The bigger your word streaks, the bigger your bonuses, giving you some hefty score boosts. There’s bonus levels, score-sharing, and the ability to earn free music. Both the free music choices and the songs in this game are mostly top pop songs.

X-Men ($2.99)

With the new X-Men movie in theaters this summer, you’ll get some retro-classic enjoyment out of this Konami game. Done up in classic arcade style, the new Android version is a throw-back to the early 1990s. All your favorite characters are here, including Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler and the unforgettable Storm. For each level you must battle another super villain, from Pyro to The White Queen. You can even team up on battles alongside friends in multi-player mode, played over Wi-Fi. The classic gets a social modern twist with OpenFeint integration for leaderboards and achievements.

Age of Zombies ($3.19)

From the makers of Fruit Ninja comes another zombie game, The Age of Zombies. Already popular on iOS, this title has made its way to the Android Market. It’s a shooter, where your job is to simply kill all the zombies. Traveling through time, your character has one goal: destroy and annihilate the hoards of zombies that have taken over various ages, even as far back as the dinosaurs. From mummies (inherently zombies, right?) to zombie Ninjas, there’s five time periods you must save from the plague of the undead. Get power-ups with upgraded weapons, take out bosses with the explosives you’ve collected, and build your skill set from one level to the next.

Stellar Escape $1.13

For a game set in another era in time, Stellar Escape is a challenging game that sends you running for your life. This game has plenty of obstacles for you to jump over, slide under and even somersault. Things get tricky when new obstacles come your way, testing your reflexes on which move to use in a split second. Run into any of these electrifying obstacles, and you’ll eventually die. As you level-up, the obstacles get trickier and more numerous, though each level has its own scenery, some in space, others underground. It’s a simple premise that requires quick response times. Like most games of this kind, Stellar Escape keeps you playing with leaderboard taunts. There’s OpenFeint and Facebook integration for score-boasting.

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