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Get in the swim with gratifying Android fish game Aqua Pets

by Caitlin M. Foyt

There's something rather serene about watching fish swim around a tank — and that's probably why there are so many different aquarium apps. Aqua Pets isn't your average fish tank app, though.

Sure, you feed your fish and take care of them, just like you do with any other virtual pet. What makes this game a little more exciting is that you're not just given a bunch of stock fish. You actually get to go fishing for your own.

And, mind you, these aren't your typical dentist's office aquarium specimens. Obviously, you start small and work your way up to bigger fish as you play, but along the way, you'll encounter creatures that include baby polar bears, aquaphants, sea turtles, seals, hedgehog fish, Leiosaurus and sea bananas. There are almost 200 different fish for you to discover and toss into your fish tank.

You earn points in the game for catching fish, which you can later use to buy better rods and bait. This means you'll slowly start working your way up to bigger game.

Aqua Pets can also be set as your phone's wall paper so you can watch your little guys swim around, even when you're not playing. It's a bit of a battery drain, but it is kind of relaxing to watch them swim around. Regardless of the fact that these aren't real fish, there's also something gratifying about watching the fish you caught swim around.

The app has colorful, sharp graphics, and I found the art style is be fun and appealing to the eye. One complaint I have about Aqua Pets, though, is its inconsistent controls. A few different times, I would try to reel in a fish on my line and the app wouldn't respond to my taps. This meant that my fish got away with my bait. Other times it worked without issue.

It could use a few programming improvements, but as it stands, Aqua Pets is a very fun virtual pet game that's appropriate for people of all ages.

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