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Jenga for Android lets you recreate the original game on your phone

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Jenga for your Android phone is just like the original game you used to play in your family's living room.

In case you've never played before, Jenga has a really helpful tutorial that teaches you how to play. In short, the objective of the game is to remove individual wooden blocks from a high-stacked tower, and then stack these pieces back on top. Once the tower topples, though, the game is over — so you don't want to be the guy who sends everything tumbling down.

To play the digital version of this game, you just select the block you'd like to move by tapping it. Then, to remove it from the tower, you drag it across the screen. Here, you have to be very careful because the game's controls are modeled after real-life physics.

Pull out a block straight and slowly or risk knocking over the entire stack. If you realize you've made a bad decision and want to take a step back, you can tap the block back into place. Pulling out blocks is tricky at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. The controls aren't as great as your own steady hand, but they are still quite accurate.

The game's also a lot more diverse than I remember, with three different ways to play: classic, arcade and pass 'n play. No matter which game you're playing, you can swipe to spin 360 degrees around the Jenga tower and use the pinch/zoom feature if you need to take a closer look.

One additional neat feature about Jenga for Android is that it's set on the floor of a living room.

This is a great game to keep kids occupied, kill a few minutes while you're stuck in a waiting room or even pick up when you're feeling nostalgic.

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