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Froggy Jump for Android is a dynamic addition to the genre

by Caitlin M. Foyt

If you're a fan of vertical scroller-style games, your collection isn't complete without Froggy Jump.

It's a very dynamic, solid jumper game that adds a little bit of a twist to a pretty repetitive genre of games.

Playing as a little frog with a big personality, you have to jump from ledge to ledge by tilting your phone to try and climb as high up into the sky as you can.

The higher you climb, the bigger the stakes. You'll suddenly find yourself earning more points, but you'll also be encountering bigger challenges. The leaps will become more risky, and monsters will try to attack you.

What makes the game so different from similar casual games are all of the things you encounter on your way to the top. There are tons of different power-ups that will help you on your quest, and you'll find there are many different types of platforms — each reacting differently to your landing. There are also lots of extra fun little things to collect along the way, like coins, gems and even letters that will eventually form words.

The frog is also quite fun, as he speaks like a Muppet, cries out in excitement, and flaunts some pretty dapper clothing choices.

The game doesn't have a particularly advanced or memorable art style, but its cute child-like quality makes it hard to resist.

The game has a bit of an irritating graphical, spatial error. The frog doesn't seem to react to his environment in the way we might expect him to. He will bounce off of open space, just slightly above the platform, or he will occasionally collect a power-up that I assumed he missed. Thankfully, this issue didn't contribute to my demise.

The game's a little monotonous (aren't all of the games in this genre?), but it works quite well for what it is. If you get excited over these kinds of games, you will absolutely love Froggy Jump.

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