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Loosen your joints with these robotic Android games

by Kristen Nicole

Robots are creatures of the future. They can be cute and credulous or machines of terror. Whether you’re fighting, befriending or programming them, robots make for some great Android games. They’re ubiquitous in video game culture for many reasons, but whatever yours, here’s some robot-themed Android games to enjoy.


Fortify your domain against enemy robots in Robo Defense. The mindless drones will simply follow the path, so it’s your job to divert them. It’s a strategy you can build on in this tower defense game, upgrading your weapons as you expand your empire. At $2.99 the full version has over 100 worthy levels.

Adult Swim’s bionic fairyland creature comes to Android in Robot Unicorn Attack. This majestic robot leaps from platform to platform, snatching fairies, boosting with rainbow power, and smashing through stars. The pull is its leaderboard, constantly wheedling you into another round to beat someone’s high score. This Android game is 99 cents.

NOVA 2 picks up six years after the first episode, set in a civil war between the Orbitals government and the Human-Alien Alliance. This affirmed Gameloft title (not yet available in the Android Market, only from their site) is a universal battle, played in single or multiplayer mode. A must-have for sci-fi fans, NOVA 2 has action-packed missions, loads of weapons and vehicles, across 12 chapters of intense game play.

Puzzle bots

It’s you against the aliens in Battle for Mars, a turn-based strategy game. Your army of soldiers, robots and spaceships are sent out to our neighbor planet, destroying the enemy across mountains, forests and oceans. Work your way through the entire campaign to win the planet. The full version with multiplayer game mode costs $4.99.

TileStorm HD is a great puzzler, with dozens of puzzles that stretch your brain. Work with your “eggbot” as he works his way across mazes of movable tiles. You’ll need a new strategy for each challenging level, which is set against mesmerizing 3D scenes. The full version of this game costs just over $4.00.

Cordy is a tiny bot with a big job. Help him navigate his landscape, jumping, pushing, lifting and throwing his way through each puzzle in order to power up his world. The Android game needs a nimble strategy, made more thrilling with Cordy’s soothing but futuristic background. Cordy, which is optimized for higher-end devices, is free for the first 12 levels with an option to buy more.

Program your bots in Robot Football Pro. They’ll run each play as you design it, assigning these athletic droids to block, pass, intercept and steal the ball. The simply-styled Android game is reminiscent of retro handheld sports games, with the futuristic benefit of multiplayer mode. Robot Football Pro will costs yo $1.99 to run your own team.

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