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Great graphics help brain-teasing Android game Toki Tori excel

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Toki Tori is a very huggable little bird, but don't judge him based solely on that fact. This is a very challenging puzzle game for Android.

On the surface, the game is quite easy. You just have to collect all of the missing eggs. In the beginning, it's as simple as an Easter egg hunt, but because it's a brain teaser, things quickly become tougher.

You can't move around much — you can't climb high ledges or leap across gaps. You also have to strategically use your limited resources and power-ups — such as tiny bridges, tele-warps and an ice gun — to solve the puzzles. If you goof up at any time and make an unfortunate move, Toki Tori has a rewind button you can tap to quickly undo your mistake.

What's really great about the power-ups, though, is that they are multi-faceted. This way, when you get stumped in your maze, you might have to think further outside the box to come up with a solution.

To add to the variety, the game has 80 or so different levels in all different kinds of settings, including the sewers, the forest and a castle. Because the graphics are so detailed, textured (remember: Toki Tori is huggable) and vibrant, this game looks great no matter which level you find yourself in.

My one key complaint with Toki Tori, though, are the controls. The game warns you from the get-go that you have to press and hold if you want "pin point accuracy," but I didn't expect the little guy to waddle off the edge so easily. (Just a note: The phone allows you to tilt in the direction you want Toki Tori to face — this took me a little while to figure out.) It's very difficult to turn on a dime or make any sudden movements.

In all, this game has its flaws, but it's also very cute and challenging.

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