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Fresh Android Games for May 10: JumpyBall 3D, Eyes & Seek, Froggy Jump

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games, solve the maze (JumpyBall 3D), avoid blindness (Eyes & Seek), and head toward infinity and beyond (Froggy Jump).

JumpyBall 3D (Free)

Like Labyrinth? This app is somewhat similar but shows you the ball’s perspective.

Tilt your phone to move the big silver ball over the 3D landscape to exit the maze. Avoid the holes and don’t fall into the water that surrounds you. Roll the ball from one tile to the next until you get to the end.

Move as quickly as you can because you’re being timed and there’s a high-score hall of fame. As you would expect, the levels get more challenging as you go.

Eyes & Seek (Free)

Ever hear of “change blindness”? Supposedly the clever AI of this app knows where and how our eyes fail to see changes in what we observe.

This eye defect is built into a game. Can you spot the change between two images in time? In the second image, the app removes an element that you should be able to spot if it weren’t for your human failings.

You’ll get 60 seconds to get it right. Each time you fail, it will cost you a life and you only have three.

Froggy Jump (Free)

Some frogs have ambition. The star of this game wants to reach an alien planet so that it will be named after him. To do that, he’ll need to do some serious jumping and you can help.

Jump upward from platform to platform by tilting your phone. Be careful to avoid spiky platforms as well as those that disappear, move, or bounce. On the plus side you’ll get some help from rockets, shields, lasers, magnets, helmets, and more cool gear but you’ll need all that and more to defeat the monsters trying to stop you.

OpenFeint lets you compare your frog against your friend’s and an in-app store provides accessories and clothes to pimp your frog.