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Fresh Android Games for May 9: iRunner, Bombs vs Zombies, Wisp

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games, give “Mr. I” the fever (iRunner), humiliate the undead with special ordinance (Bombs vs Zombies), and guide a charming forest Wisp back home (Wisp).

iRunner (Free)

Feel the need for speed? “Mr. I” must get to a mysterious location – quickly – and you can help.

This side-scrolling platformer asks you to feel the rhythm of running because keeping up a fast tempo is the best way to time the jumps and slides through its obstacles. Tap Jump once to leap and twice to double-jump, touch Slide to go under objects, but whatever you do keep moving.

Collect the gifts to switch into Fever State where Mr. I dresses snazzier, runs faster, and achieves double scores.

Bombs vs Zombies – Bomb Toss (Free)

It’s bombs versus zombies and guess what? Bombs win every time.

Guard your home by tossing bombs at the invading horde of the undead. Slide your finger to toss while you try to control the strength and direction. Use Freeze bombs to stop them cold in their tracks and Timer bombs for delayed gratification. The gems you find in the zombie ashes can be collected to purchase bigger and better bombs.


Wisp ($3.25)

Wisp is billed as a “Nordic ambient puzzle adventure”. I’m not sure what that is, but it sure sounds fun.

Eira, the main character, is a forest Wisp who has lost her way. Her main challenge will be to avoid the oozing blood of the ancient creature Fafnir, which corrupts sweet and tender forest creatures, especially Wisps.

Tilt your phone left and right to move Eira forward and backward through the maze-like forest. Touch the screen to make Eira float upward or remove your finger to let her float back down.

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