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Lord of Magic tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Lord of Magic is a new hit in the Android Market, an uncommon mix of RPG and tower defense games. It’s a fantastic trend that continues to appeal to gamers, while another grows around time-management apps. This bugeoning game genre has already witnessed an explosion with iPhone players, with new hits like Hot Springs Story filling a niche on Android.

Noggin knockin’

Lord of Magic is very much a tower defense game, with the fun of an RPG. You’re a wizard protecting your kingdom, building your skill set along with your empire. Learn skills to use as part of your defensive strategies, the two ends working in tandem. The bad guys come in waves, so learn all 23 spells to beat each level. Unlike similar games, special moves are gesture-based. This Android game costs about $2.50.

From the makers of Game Dev Story comes another time management game, this one set amongst Utopian hot springs. Keep it a place of paradise in Hot Springs Story with great customer service, adding restaurants, arcades and baths to your growing resort. Earn enough money to invest back into the business, beautifying with lanterns and flowers, luring the VIP guests. The full version of this Android game is about $5.00.

Pool Break Pro is a 3D pool game with different tables to play, and a slew of game versions to choose from. Play it straight or drill style, practice trick shots or Crokinole. At $2.99 this Android game is a top pick in its genre, with multiplayer and pass-n-play modes, including online text chat. Track your scores, learn new tables and play a digital round of billiards.

Super Dynamite Fishing is an explosive take on the card game Go Fish. Your cards are used as weapons, used to blast fish out the water. Each card has its own power, used sparingly depending on the fish and objects you need. The more successful your quests, the grander your rewards. This game is chock-full of achievements and score leaderboards, the full version costing nearly $1.50.

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Zombies have overtaken Chicago in the new Among the Undead. Run through the blood-stained streets, chopping away at stray zombies. Amass a range of weapons, spraying more zombies with a flame thrower, or curbing close encounters with a shotgun. Free, this Android game is an demo version, released ahead of its full summer launch.

Stupid Zombies is still a top title, pitting you against hoards of trudging zombies, platform after platform. Keep your ammo reserve high, relying on smarts instead of brute force.  Every weapon has its benefit in a given scenario, which changes with each level. There’s hundreds of levels to work through, and OpenFeint leaderboards to mount. This Android game is free.


While some emulators are leaving the market, GameBoid (GBA Emulator) looks like it’s here to stay. Optimized for Android use, it’s known for its range of supported devices. Play your favorite video games, with full speed and sound, on your phone, pulling from your personal library of games. The full version of this Android-centric emulator is $4.99.

Shoot for the stars, or at least tasty bananas, in Blast Monkeys Free. Send Moki straight up, in search of fruit to collect. You’ll meet plenty of obstacles during your platform journey, and be careful not to fall. The objective is to gain the highest possible score, namely attributed to your banana pile. This Android game is free.

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