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Death Worm for Android is fun while it lasts

by Caitlin M. Foyt

In the game of Death Worm for Android, you're controlling the enormous, mutant worm with teeth that's destroying everything in its path. While it's probably not very amusing for the animals and people you're swallowing whole, it's pretty fun for you.

Using the game's virtual joystick, direct the constantly moving worm by burrowing through the dirt and nip your way up to the surface. Because the controls follow the touch of your finger, they're precise and easy to use. You'll quickly get the hang of swooping around in the soil and leaping out of the ground like a dolphin that's chasing a fish. This maneuver is how you'll chow down on the tiny people and animals and destroy all of the police cars and low-flying helicopters and planes on the surface — all of which earn you points in the game.

Eventually, your rampage will attract the attention of the authorities, and the military will come out and try to blast you out of the dirt. This is where picking up some of the game's power-ups will really come in handy.

Death Worm has a couple of different game modes for you to try, Survival, Campaign and Mini Games, each with its own spin on the game. After a while, the game will also start to throw some different challenges your way — try to kill 40 as quickly as you can, or kill 20 without suffering any damage. Things are also kept interesting by giving you different levels set in new places and even some alternative worms to play with.

Regardless of which mode you start out with, the app is a whole lot of fun for the first hour or so. The game's high-def graphics and smooth controls will mean you won't ever get frustrated, and moving targets will keep you engaged. Because the concept is kind of repetitive, though, this one probably won't be one of your all-time favorites. It's a good time while it lasts.

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