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Offended by Dog Wars? These alternative Android games are a treat

by Kristen Nicole

Dog Wars (or KG Dogfighting, as it’s now known) has drummed up plenty of controversy for its depiction of dog fighting, an illegal activity that’s being condemned even in the virtual world. With the Humane Society, PETA and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick all protesting, the Android game may soon go the way of the dinosaurs. But there’s plenty of friendly dog games in the Android Market, with much cuter portrayals of doggie dismay.

Dog play

Two arch enemies battle it out it Cat vs Dog. This classic scenario pits an alley cat against a yard dog, each with their own set of weapons. As the dog, you can throw bones at the cat, and a few specialty items, like lightning bolts. The animals’ health bar goes down with every hit, so take care when aiming for that kitty. The full version of this Android game is $1.99.

Dog Pile is a puzzle game of strategy and timing, where you try your best to drop these little pooches into the matching breed pile. You’ll meet a few obstacles along the way, akin to a pinball machine. Some of these obstacles can help you, bouncing your dog back into the air so you can better align its return journey. These dogs pile up quick, and levels are timed, so a swift strategy is key. The full version of this Android game is about $1.00.

Help your furry friends escape the dog pound, with decisive aim and a strong will. In Dog Pound, get your pooch to jump high enough to clear the pound’s fence. But to help his fellow captures, you’ll need enough velocity to knock through the pound’s wall on the other side. This Android game is 99 cents.

Pocket Puppy is an arcade game where this precocious pup leaps from platform to platform, chasing butterflies and collecting points. Collect other items along the way, earn new outfits for your puppy, and improve his skills through bonuses. The full version of this game is nearly $3.50 but the free version is just as fun.

If it’s a digital pet you want, try Tamawidget Dog. It’s a pet pooch that lives on your home screen. Give him a name and make his world comfortable. He needs to eat, drink, play and sleep. Buy him games from the pet shop, and have him play with other TamaWidget pets. With its own personality, your virtual dog will need your love and care, lest it go to digital doggie heaven! The full version of this widget game is about $1.50.

Man’s best friend

Farm Frenzy gives you a range of animals to care for, but your dog can help you here. Have him chase off predators to keep your cows, chickens and sheep safe. The more efficiently you run your farm, the more produce you’ll have, with enough butter and milk to make cake, hair for wool and more. Sell items in the market, buy more items for your farm and reap the rewards of your farming cycle. The full version of this Android game is about $3.30.

RunMan HD is a game of obstacles, where you must help your character avoid danger. He’s got a trusty dog to help him, collecting hidden items from the dirt and nearby bushes. The object of this game is to run as long as you can, raking in higher scores and bonus items. Control the runner by sliding your finger along the touchscreen, while tilting the phone sends your dog to fetch. This Android game is free.

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