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Fresh Android Games for May 3: Clever Contraptions Lite, Debris Dodge Demo

by Ian Black

Build a better mousetrap (Clever Contraptions) or avoid being crushed to death (Debris Dodge) in today’s fresh games.

Clever Contraptions lite (Free)

Ever hear of a Rube Goldberg machine? Why not build one on your phone?

Clever Contraptions asks you to complete seemingly simple tasks like place a ball in a basket. The catch? You must do it by building a contraption with the elements at your disposal – including ramps, rope, blocks, springs, and more. Everything works using real-life physics except for the things that don’t like teleportation portals or an anti-gravity device.

Play in game mode or free construction mode where you can build without limits.

Debris Dodge Demo (Free)

How old do you have to be to build a compelling Android app? About 16 – the age of the creator of Debris Dodge.

What do you get when you cross the classic ‘80s arcade games Asteroids and Galaga? Yes, you guessed it, Debris Dodge. You must move your space ship from side to side to avoid being crushed by the wave of asteroids. If you clear the board without being destroyed, you level up.

Multi-touch lets you move the ship with the on-screen controls.